About 1:1 coaching


Tailored embodied practices...

In 90-minute Skype sessions, I guide you on a journey to get the results you’re seeking. I’ll help you go beyond 'shoulds', anxiety and negative mind chatter, past experiences that shut you down, fear, guilt and shame — getting off the merri-go-round of whatever's holding you back. 

To do this, we use embodied practices like..

  • breath and sense-based meditation

  • movement

  • breath

  • sound

  • visualisations 

  • emotional detoxing

  • shamanic practice

These are based in mindful sexuality and relating, embodied arts, Tantra, and shamanic healing.

While there is some discussion, the work is embodied, which means it's not just our minds talking, but our bodies and hearts are also engaged and therefore healing. This is often what other healing modalities miss and it's what underpins lasting transformation. It's also more fun and juicy :P

...to move toward ease, freedom and aliveness.


We use these practices to explore new territory and expand into new edges of who we are. Areas of exploration may be about things like... 

  • building self-love, self-worth and compassion 

  • feeling more confident about your body

  • healing unhelpful mental looping, worry, depression or anxiety

  • finding ease, connection, vibrance and confidence in relationships and intimacy (and attracting the right partners)

  • living your full potential with ease (not feeling constantly 'underperforming')

  • moving through fear, guilt, and shame

  • healing trauma and contractedness

  • healing family dynamics and hurt

  • being authentically expressed, confidently (like you were as a kid!)

  • removing blockages and feeling aliiiive

  • believing in yourself (becoming your own lover!)

  • becoming more orgasmic and able to joyfully give and receive pleasure

  • getting off the treadmill of 'life' and trusting Life instead

  • lots more! 

Humans are intricately woven and this work connects to the many different elements of our being.

The sessions are tailored to what you need and work with your pace and boundaries.

ALL of you is welcome.

How are you to achieve wholeness and genuine ease if we only allow a sliver of you into the session? No. While some therapies leave sexuality out, this work does not. All of you is welcome. Celebrated. The good, the bad and the ugly. The light and dark. Sacred and profane. Happy and sad. Hello, wholeness, healing and ease! 

We may talk about sexuality and welcome sexual energy as a path of healing. It's Lifeforce, just like the sun, laughter and growing trees. 

You're safe.

You're invited to do what you authentically want to do. We go through safe and secure boundary-setting so you're always feeling comfy and 100% in charge. 

Sessions are fully clothed, involve no 'intimate' touch (if that's what you're wondering about!), and 110% confidential.

Tailored support after the session


Like all things in transformation and wellbeing, continuing the work when you leave the session makes all the difference!

To help you let go / expand / deepen whatever it is that brought you here, I give you free tailored home play practices and resources to help you transform. I also offer you free email check-ins and Q&As with me.


Sessions are 90-minutes with free tailored

  • pre-work practices

  • home play practices

  • recommended resources (books, podcasts, videos, films)

  • email check-ins as needed

  • Q&As with me as needed.

You can get a single session for AU$230, or you can get a package of four sessions for AU$828 for 10% off (saving $92). 

Discounts available to students, single parents and folks on health benefits.

Consistency + support = transformation

Consistency and support make all the difference when working toward transformation. For this, packages are reeeeally powerful.

It's like going to the gym for 10 hours once a year or going 10 minutes a day for a year. Either way is great, but you get much better results in the latter situation—it's about coming back to it regularly (and having the support!). 

I recommend having 1-2 weeks in between sessions, but this is flexible.

Payment plans are available. Let's discuss if needed :)

About me

Hey! I’m Caitlyn. The kitty’s name is Sticky Rice.

Hey! I’m Caitlyn. The kitty’s name is Sticky Rice.

I was 10 years old when I first worried that I wasn’t good enough. I started believing I must earn love by being impressive. Transforming into perfectionism and performance anxiety, I developed clinical anxiety, depression and disordered eating as a young woman.

My journey to freedom is what led me to become an international coach, facilitator, writer and artist working in mindfulness, Self-Love, sacred sexuality and shamanic healing. I now share the exact tools and magic that helped bring me back to Life.

Undertaking comprehensive training with International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Shamanic Studies Asian, and mentorship with multiple leaders in the field, I facilitate groups and coach people internationally.

I am also an apprentice ISTA faculty

Let's take the leap

If you're feeling the tug in your heart and belly, let's book in. Let me know what suits — a single session or package :) Email me back now.

We can discuss availability (weekdays are fairly flexible and though weekends are not usual for me, they are an option).

If you have Qs, lemme know. We can also arrange a quick chat over the phone if you like. 

I look forward to this adventure with you.

What recent clients have said

I got exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been to many therapists but they don’t get me, physically, mentally, spirituality. Caitlyn’s combination of techniques tapped into my inner chords. I discovered things hidden behind layers of guilt, grief, worries, self-destruction... and in the end, I felt pure, calm, and so excited to be able to love myself again.
— Sam, 34, Filmmaker, USA

I felt shame and guilt around sexuality. I finally decided not to be fooled by my limiting stories and decided to explore *them*. I’m so glad I did! I loved everything about the sessions. Caitlyn uses just the right words and phrases that connect straight to my body and Heart. I love how fun she makes the process. This work has been healing balm for my heart, body and soul.
— Paul, 35 Designer, Wellington

My mind was busy. Too busy. I left the session with Caitlyn with a quiet mind and a heart filled with love, trust, acceptance, and gratitude. Caitlyn holds a safe, soft space and I could release whatever needed to come out.Caitlyn always offers the perfect exercise at the right moment. I fully trusted her and the process. I recommended her to a friend and she’s already booked in.
— Lisa, 28 Dancer, Travelling


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Email me back to book and start this adventure or discuss any questions :)