8 things you need to hear this year (for great art, sex & life)

You know when you meet someone and you think, I want to be like you when I grow up! 

This summer I met Sugar.

She’s sassy. She’s smart. She’s vulnerable. She’s bold. She says it like it is and has a playful, dirty, catchyoubysurprise mouth (which I love).

Have you heard of Sugar? She’s the advice columnist at the Rumpus.

I read her collection of letters and advice, Tiny, Beautiful Things.

With every page I turned, I kept thinking of you.   

You see, I saw myself in so many of the letters. My fears, my hopes, my questions. The stuff that has kept me up at night. It’s all very human.

Sugar’s loving reflections and straight-talking perspectives are bloody brilliant. Her big sister advice has been hugely helpful to me in my big and small journeys of the heart, soul, bedroom and beyond. Already.

After heart-melts and brain-gasms,  I handpicked eight of the most helpful, profound, and damn-straight pieces that I think you’ll love. 

They’re real, quick, and oh-so rich. I have a feeling they’re just what you need to hear right now. Check them out:

Confidence, body image & authenticity

1. What to do if you think you’re ugly, lumpy, or generally unappealing
2. What to do if you deeply desire the love of a partner and the heat of epic romance, but fear you’ll never attract it (possibly cos you think you're fat)
3. What to do if you feel like you're pretending who you are, but you're too afraid to be yourself

Art & creative practices

4. What to do if you’re afraid you’ll never go beyond your insecurities, jealousies, and ineptitude to create the art you want to create

Sex & relationships

5. What to do if you’re experimenting with non-monogamy or alternative sexualities, but it feels exhausting/off (second letter)
6. What to do if your fantasies weird you out 
7. What to do if you’re struggling to be erotically open with your partner
8. What to do if your relationship is great and you love your partner, but it still doesn't feel right

While I was reading these, I thought, why the hell haven’t I read these already?! I needed to read this four years ago!

Check them out, enjoy them, soak them up. See Sugar’s full collection here.

And remember, you’re amazing. You’ve got this. You’re loved.

Caitlyn x