8 Best antidotes for anxiety

The last week was hard. I struggled.

It felt like my confidence hit a wall and my sense of Knowing got pulled out from under me.

Old feelings of anxiety, needing to prove myself, overwhelm set in. I was overcome with insecurity.

Gah, what a torture. My own mind.

I felt disappointed and hopeless that I had slipped back to square one. Snakes and Ladders.

Gah, what a Sisyphus. My own mind.


Despite the fear and sense of doom at my right and left, I knew it was okay.

This happens.

Minds can be slippery things.

I’m human.

It's just about knowing what to do when we find ourselves in uncomfortable territory.

Knowing how to come back to a place of ease, hope and ecstasy, even when feelings of anxiety and overwhelm block our vision and lay heavy in our bones.

Over my seven years of healing and self-discovery, I’ve learnt it’s a delicate balance to do this. To return to our natural state of ease, wholeness, trust and Love.

But it’s possible. This ease is where we’re destined for, actually.

There’s a mix of leaning into the pain and discomfort, but not obsessing about it. Simultaneously looking it in the eye and looking beyond it.

Here are eight of the best tried and tested practices to shift from anxious tail spinning into power.

1. Don't avoid the feeling

Lean into it. Look it in the eye and open your arms to it. Even though it hurts and we think it's the source of our demise, failure, neediness and unattractiveness.

Open to it, FEEL it and say, I deeply and completely Accept, Forgive and Love myself, even though I'm feeling this feeling. And allow this to be true in every cell in your body. BELIEVE IT.

It’s really important you look at it and allow yourself to feel it. If you don’t, it’s like trying to push a balloon under water: it pops up again. What you resist persists.

To understand how your triggers and fears keep recurring, listen to this excellent podcast / video by Eckart Tolle and Oprah discussing the pain body.

Don’t fight the feeling, open to it and through this, you transform it. The Matrix show us how in this scene where Neo transforms his ‘enemy’, Smith.

Be like Neo. Allow yourself to open.

2. No resisting, no obsessing

Now that you're not resisting the feeling, stop obsessing about it. Where your attention goes, energy flows.

You don’t want to water a garden that is choking you, right?

Water the garden that will nourish you.

What DO you want? Focus on that. Dream it. Fantasise. Imagine yourself in that space, place, feeling. Think of yourself in one year's time. Imagine and BE that person NOW.

For more on this, I recommend Joe Diszpenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Bloody excellent.

3. Just do what you’re doing

This is mindfulness.

When you’re stirring the pot. Just stir the pot.

Don’t stir the pot and plan your next day and think about the email and consider next year and and and…

Give your mind a breath and stop.

Let yourself stand in the shower and just feel the water. Notice your senses.

Drink your coffee and feel the mug on your lips.

Feel the cool wooden floorboards beneath your feet.

Observe your mind, don’t get carried away by it. This takes practice. Just start now. 

For great mindfulness meditations and to learn more, see Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, Richard Chambers and Insight Timer.

4. Move your body and release

Dance. Self-pleasure. Get a little sweaty. Bring love and vitality to your body so the vibration is shifting, moving. Open your mouth and release sound. Nothing changes, unless something changes. Take action.

Tony Robbins talks about this all the time too. Wanna shift your mood? Move.

5. What do you like to do?

Do that, even for just five minutes.

Connect with friends (and be your authentic self with them), nature and do something that nourishes you. Art. Time in the sun. Reading. Replenish.

We spend so much time trying to perfect ourselves, it’s like working 24/7 full time job. No breaks. No holidays. No pay rises.


Let yourself off the hook and do something that just feels good. Cos you like it. You deserve to feel good and do stuff you like.

6. Action releases pressure

What do you want to create, call in, bring forth? Take one step toward that, TODAY. Even if it's a tiny one. Action breeds clarity and calm.

The anxiety, fear, worry and overwhelm are all dissipated when you take even the tiniest action. Action (even just a single email, two minute meditation, or phone call) is like a pressure valve for the mind.

Do = release.

Read Transurfing for more on this.

7. Ask for help

Call a friend, coach or professional. Cry out to the trees. Helping Spirts. Your future self. Higher Self. Soul. Source. The Intelligence that put Life in motion.

You’re not alone. You’re supported. Allow yourself to reach out and receeeeive it.

Along with friends, I worked with two professionals in the last week. And even when I’m feeling great, I still work with them to go to the next level

Coaches are people to talk to, challenge you, give insight, help you find the next step. That’s what they’re there for. Reach out. Take the help.

8. Let go

You’re allowed to. It’s safe. Release the tug of war rope… What’s happening right now isn’t working, so let yourself try something different. Soften. Surrender. Forgive. Forget. Let go.

This stuff works.

Like many things in nature, the change may not be instant, but the shift does happen! The oak tree isn’t born in a day. It can look like there’s no growth or change for ages… and yet, day by day, it grows. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. But it grows and reaches the most beautiful proportions and shapes.

The key is staying consistent with it. Every day, explore at least one of these for at least five minutes. Keep going, keep going. You got this.

If you feel constricted, small or heavy OR you’re feeling pretty good, but wanna rise to the next step, get in touch for 1:1 sessions or join me at an upcoming event. I’ve got your back. Contact me if you have Qs.

Sending you so much love! You got this xxx