Be your own guru

A question

Before we begin, I have a question for you. I write these mindfulness + sexuality (Tantra) email-blog things… I’d love to respond to what you want to know more about. What would you like me to dedicate a post to? e.g. how to get your mojo back, orgasms, how to be a sex god/goddess, depression/anxiety, sex issues, queer Tantra, relationship stuff, my journey, body image, culture-flipping menstruation? You tell me.

I may have some ideas or know someone else who does! Email me to let me know. Thx!!

You guru

Do you know Danielle Laport? She’s awesome. She’s an entrepreneur and spiritual badass. 

I signed up for her emails and #Truthbombs. They’re greaaaat. One really resonated with me, so I’d like to share it with you.

It’s all about being your own guru. Tuning into and trusting your mind, heart and body. We often second guess ourselves or don’t listen at all. Listening to ourselves is core for decision-making (life, dinner, career, etc.) and it’s core for great sex, romance and relationships! Tuning into your authentic Yes, No, go this way, try that is key to genuine pleasure, power and ease. And it’s always with you! 

So here it is, hope you enjoy:

Be Your Own Guru

...and by that I mean: NOBODY knows better than you what’s right for you. NOBODY. Let me say what I really mean: NOBODY. Advice? Get some. Oracles? Consult them. Friends? Worship them. Gurus? Honour them. Final say? YOU. All you. No matter what. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your mind will help you act on what you know.

Will there be times when you should have heeded external advice? Yep. Plenty of them. But your Soul had a plan. And nobody else knows your Soul’s plan. But you, oh guru.

You've got this. Trust yourself.

You've got this. Trust yourself.

Please don't forget to let me know what you’d like me to write about!

With love,

Caitlyn x