Dance your way to 2018: a practice to supercharge your New Year's Resolutions

Your life, starring you

If your 2017 was a movie, what would its title be?

Some friends and I circled up last night reflecting on our year that’s been and dreaming of the year that’s coming.

When asked, I first named my movie of 2017,

Sorta terrible, but not totally shit

You’d find it in the adventure / drama section, rated M.

(You might remember my post about the troubles of the year. And also, I really miss David Bowie on this planet, y’know?)

And then I reneg’d on this, given the heart-opening, healing and funnnn beginning and end to the year — Tantric adventures and homecomings in South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and India were epic-epic-epic. My heart and soul are exploding with gratitude, community and loooove.

So now, I’ll say my 2017 is called,

Anything is possible: an adventure

It’d be in a special section, called Yeowza, rated ✨. 

It seems listening to the voice inside me, giving myself A-class love, fiercely committed to expanding and not contracting, and believing why the hell not has produced something kinda cool: a happy ending to a sticky year, folks.

Which is not to say all my questions, concerns or bumps in the road are gone. Not at all!

But this is why I love the New Year and its resolutions

It’s an anniversary of life; an opportunity to reflect on what you loved, what you’re grateful for, what you want more of and less of in 2018 and how you’re gonna do it.

To ask yourself how you want to feel and figure out a course to get you there.

So you can let go of what hasn’t served you and walk into a new phase with eyes wide open, a pocket full of smarts and power-full possibility.

For me, I didn’t want this to be a purely dry, burdensome and intellectual activity — I wanted juice, energy, Spirit involved. 

There is so much power in breath, sound and movement. We keep our bodies so still, so stuck and this keeps us still and stuck too! It handicaps our power.

Bringing my full being, my full power of my heart, body, spirit and mind, I lined up my favourite songs of 2017 and set my intention to celebrate and let go of the year that’s been and welcome in 2018.

So, using breath, sound and movement, I danced. While meditating. Moving energy. Allowing the electricity of life to flow through me and SUPERCHARGE my calling-in and letting-go.

There is so much power in breath, sound and movement. We keep our bodies so still, so stuck and this keeps us still and stuck too! It handicaps our power.

And then, with this energy moving, I journal’d my learnings, requests for help and promises.

For me,

I want to control less, surrender more.

I want to trust. To listen to the Divine more closely and hear her directions, answers.

I want to swim and rest in lots of community, love, nature, money, sensuality, creative traction.

I don’t want looking 'good' to be my motivation. I want my truth, my creativity, my givenofucks to drive me.

I want to feel expansive, powerful, divine, connected, playful, authentic. FREE.

I also want to be more generous. I get tired of obsessing about myself. Gah.

A practice to say goodbye to 2017 + set up for a kick-ass 2018

So, let’s get powerful. And not get too boring in the process.

I invite you to

1) Put on your favourite songs of 2017, loud (here are my favourite tunes of 2017)

2) Let your booty moooove and call a sense of celebration, letting go and welcoming

3) Tune in and let your mind go (like in this dance meditation) 4) When your blood and energy are moving, grab paper and pens and answer these Qs, letting your heart, body and mind speak

  1. What did you love this year?
  2. What you’re grateful for?
  3. What do you want more of and less of in 2018?
  4. How do you want to feel? (not just what you want to do or have)
  5. How are you going to make that real?

My darling, have a beautiful transition into 2018.

I’ll be thinking of you.

Love, gratitude and plenty of sweet tunes,


P.S. I would love to know what you’d call the movie of your 2017! Lemme know.