Sometimes you just gotta cut 'em lose (or, why Kali should be your bestie...)

I wanna share my girl Kali with you.
Do you know her?

Kali is one of the coolest, most badass, feminist Queens out there… And she’s helped me lots.

Here she is:

Meet Kali! One of the coolest, most badass, feminist Queens out there…

Meet Kali! One of the coolest, most badass, feminist Queens out there…

She seems a little scary at first, but omg, she is amazing best friend material.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction. She destroys the old to make way for the new.

She clears what no longer serves in order to make space for new creation. There is something intuitive about this, right? You need to clean the dirty pot before you can cook with it...
Kali is fierce, powerful and no bullshit. She gets rid of the shit that needs to go.

She’s also cool cos she’s an incredible feminist role model (for guys too, obvs). She’s a feminine deity with qualities we don’t traditionally associate with ‘femininity.’ Traditional femininity includes being sweetly nurturing and putting everyone else’s needs above our own. Kali shows us that femininity also includes looking after ourselves, swiftly getting rid of things that don't serve us.
(On a socio-political level, Kali energy is behind all social change—”eliminating discriminatory policies, nasty environmental practices, etc.)
Kali isn’t a bitch either. She’s fierce, but compassionate. Gracious and kind in her clearing away. But she doesn’t mince around. See that weaponry..!
When I first heard about Kali, I thought damn girl. You’re badass. I need to get some Kali in my life!

I had so many things that weren’t serving me and I wanted to clear them away. Things like cruel thought patterns, insecurities, addictive eating habits, the book club I didn't really want to be at, a relationship I couldn't quite put down once and for all… Lots.
What if I could end em right there and then? Cleanly and graciously. No mincing around. No time-wasting (mine or theirs). So I channelled Kali’s dignity, fierceness and heavy sword… And swung it.
Omg! What a relief! Space to breathe. Yum power. Space for new, good stuff that I actually want.
Of course, the heads of my insecurities/other bullshit sometimes grow back. New ones start. I feel into Kali’s dignity and swing the sword again.
So… What about you...?

How does Kali resonate for you?

Do you have some stuff you want to cut out? To make space for new things to grow (peace, relationships, habits, art, money), what do you need to end?
Thinking about it and keeping it in your awareness is great. It activates change. Doing something about it is even better.

Here’s a 5 step practice to drop it like it's hot, for real:

  1. Choose something in your life you want to let go of.
  2. Feel how much you’d like it gone and imagine the beautiful things that would grow in its place. Fantasise! No more relationship drama = time to learn French. Peace. New love! No more compulsive eating = freedom. A healthy body.
  3. Connect to what you know about Kali. Her fierceness, her compassion, her strength. Really feel these qualities in your body. Feel her sword in your hand.
  4. Visualise the thing you want to end and say Hey you, you no longer serve me. I’m letting you go. The space you once took up is now open for more awesome and life-serving [blank] to grow. Goodbye!
    (Really imagine the thing in front of you and speak to it like it’s in the room with you. You may feel a little silly doing this, but who fucking cares, this is your life we’re talking about!) This might also hurt a little / be scary (e.g. actually letting go of that relationship), but if it’s not really serving you, it’ll be sooo worth letting it go!
  5. Commit to the change and live it!

Sometimes one swift chop is all you need. Sometimes you need a few goes. Just remember Kali and what’s available to you.

With love, destruction, creation and pleasure,
Caitlyn x