Watch the dorkiest man alive learn how to have better sex (and give you the tips)


Ok, I’m quite obsessed with this new TV documentary series.
It’s called Luke Warm Sex.
Have you heard of it?
It follows this super awkward Australian comedian Luke McGregor on his journey toward having better sex.

Luke’s had sex twice in his life (he’s 33) and he’s the DORKIEST HUMAN ALIVE. Even his teeth are dorky. But he’s also so loveable. I think he represents the dork in all of us…

When you watch it, you think if he can have better sex, than surely I must stand a chance.

Anyway, it’s six 30-minute episodes of him doing all sorts of things to be better in the sack. Things like trying to feel more comfortable naked, learning how to kiss and enjoy intimacy, talking to a sex therapist, learning about touch, orgasmic meditation, cuddle parties…

There’s lots of practical advice. And it’s really accessible.

Basically it’s awesome.
It covers all sorts of things we do in SexyLove Project workshops and gives a good view into what conscious sexuality stuff there is out there. It’s kinda like going to a bunch of workshops and watching a standup show from your couch.
With wine and choc, I watched it with some friends who politely decline to come to my workshops and aren’t personal-development types. 

Even they loved it. 

In fact, they pretty much made me watch all six episodes in one night.
They were so cute. I have actual quotes: they gasped and exclaimed, "zomg I'm like that! And I thought I was the only one!" Hehe.

They also said, this show “makes me excited to discover the parts of sex I didn't know existed."

They marvelled how there's so much more to sex than they thought and every aspect can be improved with very simple exercises.
When I said to these friends that I wanted to tell you about this show they said to say, “please, please watch this show, because I think it will seriously be the start of a big change in my life and probably yours too.”

So there you have it.

To learn about all the ways you can feel more confident and happy in bed from your sofa (and be super entertained!), watch Luke Warm Sex!

So risk-free and comfy, hey? 
You can watch it through iView, or download the series (if you like torrents).