Tips from a 72 year old Tantra Queen (Taste of Love Festival highlights—Part II)

Meet Margot Anand.

Cute Frenchie with fire! And heaps of wisdom.

Cute Frenchie with fire! And heaps of wisdom.

She’s wild. At 72, Margot Anand has had a 40 year career in teaching Tantra around the world. She’s trained with Osho and has taught my teachers. She has more life in her left boob than my entire garden. 

She gave a talk about her upcoming autobiography. She told us about her 40 year Tantra adventure (that’s still going). Margot was bold, caring, expressive. She says it like she means it and is a total sweetheart.

These are the gems I got out of her storytelling:

A) More proof that older women don’t have to be invisible, dry, or unsexy. They can be powerful, playful and dignified. Or anything they want, really.

It’s so strange/sad that many women past the age of 40 become invisible. Society definitely plays a role in this, but I love seeing power-crones who cultivate colour, authenticity, sexiness and vibrance on their own terms. Own it. Revel in it. And they don’t take anything too seriously. We all need more of these women in our lives! 

B) Not sure you can really have the life you want? You can. Margot was a pioneer in bringing Tantra to the Western world in the 70s and 80s. In many ways Western society is still really conservative, but it was so much more so back then.

Margot just kept following her attraction to Tantra and her desire to share it with her people. Planets aligned, and she created a life teaching and sharing what she learnt. She’s touched thousands of people’s lives. And has heaps of great stories and enough vitality to power New York.

I realised, if Margot can do it, you can do it. Whether it's dropping everything and travelling till you're 32, really enjoying your body regardless of how 'perfect' you look, or starting your own business, you can do it!

Want to find out more about Margot and Tantra? Margot has lots of Tantra books and other stuff on her site. Here’s a great video to start (she’s like, 55 in this one).

Awesome interview with Margot Anand. Lots of great Tantra, romance, life, consciousness info.

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