I made you a mixtape! Happy holidays x

Happy holidays! 

I hope you have a gorgeous, restful time. Rejuvinate. Reflect. Dream. Party. Connect.

And I want to say just how much you mean to me. You’re a really important part of the SexyLove Project. It means so much to me that you follow your curiosity, read my posts, receive my homeplay practices, adventure  onwards, come to my workshops, send me feedback!

To say thanks for being so awesome, I made you a mixtape

It’s filled with excellent tunes (no jingles :P) for dancing, being nostalgic and mooshy, grinding, chilling out, recovering, flirting, snuggling, and more dancing.

I had SO much fun (foot-tapping, hip-wiggling) as I put it together. Enjoy.

If you have any ideas for me for 2017—topics you’d like me to write about/do workshops on, locations, lemme know! I’ve got a bunch of cool things planned for 2017 (including podcasts, online courses, and a new website) though I’d love to hear what you’d like.

I’m gonna go offline while I'm camping/partying in NZ, but I’ll be touching base on Insta and Facebook.

NZ pals, I’ll see you in AKL for Tantra 101 workshop: connection in technicolour & WLG for Touch like WOW w/ the Ace Lady Network really soon! Get your tix now xx

Bye for now,

Cait xx