My Break-Up With God documentary

This is short documentary about being a devoted Christian who slams the door on the Church—against my parents' hopes—to pursue a path of sexual freedom and love.

It’s a love story. Two, in fact. With break ups and reunions, the film explores how power, freedom and love aren't found 'out there', but in here, through the self and sexuality. God is not a genie in a bottle stuck in someone's church or Bible, but in everythinggggg and sexuality is a gateway to remembering this.

The film also captures the complicated love story between parents and children and how challenging it can be to navigate authenticity and sexuality with family (something that has been a huge edge for me making this film)!

Directed by the masterful Zoe McIntosh.

Caitlyn Cook was raised in a conservative Christian household. As a teenager, she risked her place in biblical heaven to embrace desires that felt both exhilarating and dangerous. She wanted to break free from the rules, but freedom came at a cost. Then Caitlyn discovered Tantra, and so began her pursuit of sexual enlightenment and healing. Caitlyn found power in her authenticity, but can she bare her true self to her parents? My Breakup with God explores the vulnerability and freedom of being your true self and finding the power within.

It’s free to watch! Click here.

Currently, viewing is available only in New Zealand. Stay tuned for international access.

This film was made possible by Loading Docs and wonderful sponsors (thank you!). This film is part of a series of eight remarkable short documentaries. Homegrown and original, discover stories unified by the theme of power, revealing how unlikely characters can become the heroes. Powerful people. Powerful stories.