There's a documentary film being made about me 🎬

It was pretty crazy when director Zoe McIntosh told me she wanted to make a documentary about me.

Me: Hmmm? About me?

Zoe: Yes, about your break up with God when you were 18. About the performance anxiety, severe mental health troubles and disordered eating that came after that. About your soul-searching and re-discovering freedom and Love through the unconventional doors of sacred sexuality and mindfulness...

Me: okay!

The documentary is called My Break Up with God and it follows my Christianity > severe depression > sacred sexuality journey and the work and art I make now.

It’s a tale of following my heart, breaking into pieces, and discovery. A coming of age story... You can read about the film here.


In a time where sooo many of us experience super difficult mental health issues, confining prescriptions of religion, sexual shame and fear, self-destructive body image issues, this film is a medicine. A doorway to an alternative way of being. πŸ’–

Stay tuned for the release β€” coming later this year.