Are you shrinking or expanding your pleasure? A short vid on the physiology of pleasure

This week I want to share this awesome video about the physiology of pleasure. It’s about the physical + chemical mechanics of pleasure, why it's so good for you and how to access the really delicious varieties that work (yes, there are different kinds of pleasure!).

Learn the geekery behind sensation and how to maximise pleasure.

The video’s by Betty Martin. She’s awesome. She used to be an engineer, now she’s an intimacy coach and sexological bodyworker. You may be familiar with her—I use lots of her concepts in my workshops and life!

Pushing vs. following pleasure...

In the context of physiology, Betty talks about the importance of following your pleasure, rather than pushing it…

She explains how this limits you from feeling the full yumminess, nourishment and expansiveness of pleasure.

I found this concept particularly interesting and relevant for me! I used to feel like I should like this, I should want this to be more intense now, I shouldn’t want that… I struggled to relax into pleasure or follow my playful instinct… Very in-my-head. I'd talk myself into pushing through and doing it anyway.

Finding gold when you follow the treasure map!

Rather than pushing yourself, Betty says that following your genuine desire allows you to melt into the powerful and blissful varieties of pleasure. And all sorts of adventures begin from that genuine desire. When you start following your real creative instinct.. Well, it's the gift that keeps giving!

And Betty tells you how to get there! Plus other interesting stuff. Thanks Betty.

With flow and pleasure,

Cait x