What's your burning Q? We've got your A.


Wanna be part of a cool project I'm doing with my Tantra friend, Simon?

Simon and I are creating a Q&A series for all things related to Tantra, sexuality, love, pleasure, body confidence...

And we want to answer your questions!

What are you wondering about? Struggling with? Curious about? Want more of? Less of?

Please let us know so we can share what we've learnt from our Tantra adventures, training, experiments, life!

You'll have the honest, learned, and real perspectives from a woman and man who are just like you, only we've spent years being extra geeky about sex and meditation.

You can ask Qs about anything, like, how to get your mojo back, orgasms, ejaculation choice, depression/anxiety, sex issues, how to feel more pleasure, relationship stuff, body image...

Please email me to send your question(s) by Weds 15 June. 

We'll choose around 10 Qs for the video series, and the rest we'll work into blog posts over time. Know that you can stay anonymous if you prefer.

It’s a limited series, so don’t miss out. 

Thanks for being part of it :)

So excited.

Speak soon!

Cait x