Sexual fantasies. I never thought about them like this before… (Taste of Love Festival highlights—Part III)

You know how when your body needs salt, you start craving things like potato chips or feta? You imagine the taste, day-dream about it... It’s your body telling you that you need salt.

Ohad points out that sexual fantasies are similar. Except it’s your soul’s need. For example, do you fantasise about being tied up? Perhaps your soul is telling you that you need to let go. Wanna hump a big strong Amazonian? Perhaps you need to reconnect with your power.

Interpreting the fantasy is a bit like reading the symbols in a novel, movie or tarot card.

Sometimes the meaning is obvious. Other times fantasies need deeper interpretation.

And you can read the same fantasy multiple ways, right? This is where you set your intention, say a little prayer, and ask the Universe (or a tuned-in friend) to help you out. What the heck does this fantasy mean? What’s going to serve me and the world

Also, you don’t have to do the thing you’re fantasising about. You don’t have to have sex with an Amazonian to reconnect with your strength. You can do that through intentions, honest communication, Judo, quitting the job you hate. Feel into it—what's going to serve you?

Ohad says this fantasy-diagnosis works better if you let yourself fantasise without judgment. You're not going to enact all this stuff! Don’t worry that you’re fantasising about licking someone’s eyeball or tying up your housemate. Read it as a symbol. That’s it.

Pretty amazing idea, hey? What do you think? What do your fantasies say about your needs?

I hope you liked my Taste of Love Festival highlights! What resonated for you? I’d love to hear, so please lemme know!
And next time, come along! ;)