Sex, God & Cellulite—an interview by Shakti Sundari [video & transcript]

Shakti Sundari at Heart to Heart interviewed me about God, Sex & Cellulite. “A must-watch for anyone struggling with body-image or self-love issues” we talk how to the road from self-loathing & dissociation (checking out during sex) to making peace with your-self, your body and the Divine.

Big stuff.

For more on why and how to love your body as it is now, read or watch the interview.

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Why masturbating is so good for you & tips for more mmmmwow [interview]

In celebration of International Masturbation Month, here's a discussion about masturbation between myself (a Tantrika) and sex & pleasure educator, Louise Bourchier.

We talk about why masturbation is so good for you and your relationships, plus masti tips and resources to expand your pleasure, self-love and mmmmmwow.

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