Tired of doingdoingdoing & trying super hard? Listen to this! (Tara is your new bestie)

Even after wonderful holidays and the best new years intentions, it's so easy to get hooked back into the treadmill of doing. Proving. Stacking that thing on that other thing on that other thing.

I have my practices. I talk to Spirit. I do my best to let go. And I listen to Tara Brach's podcast. These are my top four faves that have saved me when I've need it most!

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Are you shrinking or expanding your pleasure? A short vid on the physiology of pleasure

This week I want to share this awesome video about the physiology of pleasure. It’s about the physical + chemical mechanics of pleasure, why it's so good for you and how to access the really delicious varieties that work (yes, there are different kinds of pleasure!).

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