“Everything in moderation, including moderation”—I know Oscar Wilde was Tantric

I love spirituality and healing that's not boring and dull. A path loves that's mixed with fun, silliness, earnestness, working through pains, diving into pleasure, health, letting go... In this post, I share some of the behind-the-scenes moments in my immersive Kundalini Tantric week away. This post is about celebrating the healing journey and seeing the Divine in all of life. Take a breath and open to the pain and the pleasure. It's all holy.

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Why masturbating is so good for you & tips for more mmmmwow [interview]

In celebration of International Masturbation Month, here's a discussion about masturbation between myself (a Tantrika) and sex & pleasure educator, Louise Bourchier.

We talk about why masturbation is so good for you and your relationships, plus masti tips and resources to expand your pleasure, self-love and mmmmmwow.

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Are you shrinking or expanding your pleasure? A short vid on the physiology of pleasure

This week I want to share this awesome video about the physiology of pleasure. It’s about the physical + chemical mechanics of pleasure, why it's so good for you and how to access the really delicious varieties that work (yes, there are different kinds of pleasure!).

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