How to master your BIG emotions through shamanic sexuality

One of the many suppressed, denied and judged emotions is anger (and its cousin rage). Many of us lack mastery in knowing what to do with this emotion when it arises inside us. We judge rage, deny it, or accidentally blow up. What if rage isn’t ‘bad’, but we just need masterful connection with it? Mastery is how we respond, not a state where we don't feel emotions at all.

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Why I ❤️ break ups, even though they hurrrrrt — 6 keys to getting over break ups with grace, strength & wholeness

Relationships can be an incredible avenue to self-discovery, expansion, fun. One of the significant parts of a relationship where we can learn, grow, be confronted, feel the depths of vulnerability and intimacy, is breaking up. Here are musings about why break ups can be great (even though they HURT) and 6 keys to getting over them with grace, strength and wholeness.

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My 4 favourite Tantra 101 books you’ll love (this is Tantra for the 21st Century)

Lots of curious folks who are new to Tantra ask me for good books to get started. 

So I’ve curated a list of favourite tried-and-tested Tantra and conscious sexuality books.

They’re really accessible, practical, and geared toward you having mind-blowing sex for the 21st Century.

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