How to master your BIG emotions through shamanic sexuality

One of the many suppressed, denied and judged emotions is anger (and its cousin rage). Many of us lack mastery in knowing what to do with this emotion when it arises inside us. We judge rage, deny it, or accidentally blow up. What if rage isn’t ‘bad’, but we just need masterful connection with it? Mastery is how we respond, not a state where we don't feel emotions at all.

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Let's talk about sex—article by NEXT Magazine

NEXT Magazine wrote an article about me for their Body Issue. It tells the intimate story of my road to Tantra and mindfulness via a mire of depression, anxiety, disordered eating and body image BS. It's a story of a 20-something’s Tantric journey, sharing how I began to find ease and self-love, pleasure and authenticity through getting closer to mySelf, my voice, my desire.

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What is kundalini energy? It's that feeling you get when your lover enters the room… It's your untapped power.

You know that feeling you get when your crush walks in the room? That’s kundalini energy.

That thing that makes you want to write that song? Kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy is that thing! It’s life. Vibrance. Animation. Energy.

It's the core of your personal power.

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