More than IQ: how to tap into your intuition superpowers

I took the leap and I’m in Thailand now! Feeling very blissful, sweaty and inspired with my beloved.

While I’ve been feeling really alive and happy, I’ve also had my moments of intense anxiety and wondering, is it actually all going to work out? Am I crazy for doing this?

Monkey mind. Oh, hey. I keep remembering that I’m not doing this alone. I’m with LIFE FORCE. Chi. The Divine. Phewwww. (That’s what’s led me here, actually.)

I’m remembering I’m using more than my brain-smarts to pull this one off. I’m using my intuition: my inner compass that goes beyond logic, time, and space.

Operating from this place has so much more ease! It’s a place of effortlessness and spontaneity.

Given my anxious monkey-mind ways, I wanted to turn up the volume on my POWER. My connection to my inner guidance, Life Force.

I refuse to stay small, or be lead by fear. I want freedom, not to live in a cage of my own mind. And there are experts around to help up power up… I booked in a Skype session with an intuition coach, Sarah Blackah.

The gems I pulled out of the session are daily cornerstones for me as I take the plunge and follow my heart. I know you’re a freedom-seeking, heart-following, curious cat too, so I am sharing them with you too.

Your powers extend beyond your logic and IQ. Find out how to tap into them and breathe with more ease and trust.

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Extend beyond IQ: how to tap into your intuition superpowers

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for logical reasoning.

Intuition is about tuning into knowledge deep within us and beyond the mind.

It’s found in an expanded state of awareness, beyond the logic and ‘smarts’ of the mind. The mind knows only past experiences and future projections. With intuition, we access the unknown.

That’s where the magic is. From here, we choose the highest good and set the intention for what we want to tune into. What questions do you have? What do you need guidance for? Set your intentions to receive the answers.

Then, we tune in, trust, and allow the answers to come to us.

Intuition speaks through symbols and what’s ‘obvious’. Be curious about the symbols or omens you come across. What's obvious about the symbol? What does it tell you? How do you feel when you notice it? What jumps out at you? What does it remind you of? These symbols reveal truth. They’re your answers.

We access these symbols through our imagination. 

Imagination is the language of the soul.

Intuition gives you just enough to take the next step. Take it! Even if it's a little hint, take the step. Don’t worry; it'll give you more directions as you go. Really, you only ever know your next step, ever. And then, you need to trust.

A truly colourful, vibrant life is all about dancing in the unknown.

Let the vision unravel.

But what if you don't trust your imagination and ‘intuition’? What if you’re afraid you're just making it up? And it’s too risky to follow something that could be false!

The answer is always there. You hear me? ALWAYS THERE. Even if you tune into your intuition and get ‘nothing’ in response: what's obvious about nothing? Is your intuition telling you about the need for space, quiet, stillness? How do you feel about ‘nothing’? Do you feel alone, frustrated or relieved? Those are clues from Spirit!

Intuition is like being a kid telling a story from their imagination… A kid enjoying themselves, just going with it. Not judging what comes into awareness, but just rolling with this image, then this one, then this and then that... Trusting what comes, allowing. Trusting there's truth in it.

So many adults lose touch with their intuition! Kids don’t have the rules and regulations censoring their mind. Kids are naturally creative and imaginative because they LET IT FLOW. Their mind doesn’t judge their stories and mental images as good or bad.

To trust your intuition, you just need to trust whatever you get and play with it. Try it on for size. Keep listening.

One way to feel really confident about reading your intuition and getting even richer readings is to verify it with another person. Of course you can do it alone, but it’s a lot easier and really powerful with others. Special things happen when you co-intuit with another person. This is what I did with Sarah Blackah.

You have the power to access deep and powerful knowledge. Test it out when you’re in a place of mindful awareness—meditating, showering, self-pleasuring… And then take the next step. It's all you need to know. And then, trust and keep listening.

Your intuition will give you just enough to take the next step. Take it! You only ever know your next step, ever. And then, trust.