Tired of doingdoingdoing & trying super hard? Listen to this! (Tara is your new bestie)

Even after wonderful holidays and the best new years intentions, it's so easy to get hooked back into the treadmill of doing. Proving. Stacking that thing on that other thing on that other thing.

It get's overwhelming!

When stuff gets tough,
When I feel overwhelmed,
When I was struggle with hurt, pain, shame,
When I feel like I am on a treadmill, running toward proving myself...

I have my practices. I talk to Spirit. I do my best to let go.

And I listen to Tara Brach's podcast.

Her wise AF words help me...

Slow down.
Believe I'm enough.
Feel I'm not alone in this.
Get perspective on why I'd keep trying so hard.
Feel connected, safe, loved, worthy.

Honestly, Tara Brach is my new bestie. And I think she could be yours too.

If and when you feel any of the icky, tightness and panic like I've described above, check her out.

These are some of my favourite episodes I think you'll love:

Happiness is Possible: De-conditioning the Negativity Bias
Stories That Imprison Our Heart
Taking ‘The Exquisite Risk:’ An Undefended Heart
Relaxing the Over-Controller

And yes, I listen to these podcasts along with other self-care practices like meditating, doing sessions with my mentor and sacred sexuality practitioners, self-pleasuring, pausing, spending time in nature. And Tara's podcast help so much!

And I reckon they might be just the story, insight, encouragement you need too.

Have a listen and let me know what resonates.

P.S. I'm running a workshop next week and early bird for Chantelle Raven's workshops end next week too — so don't miss out! See workshops here.