I made a free online Valentine's Day pack for you

Hey cutie.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope the day is a celebration, a claiming of love—however that looks for you.

Remember, you are your first lover—you're Divine. So, perhaps you’ll feed yourself your favourite foods, be extra luscious as you put on lotion, touch yourself exactly how you want to be touched…

Your relationships are sacred—they're Divine. So perhaps you’ll feed your lover their favourite foods, tell them just how much they mean to you exquisite detail, or tie them up and spank their gorgeous ass (with their enthusiastic consent, of course).

For an epic Valentine's with yourself and the people you love, here's a curated selection of things to watch, read, listen to and do. At your leisure and pleasure, of course.

Whether your single / Tindering / coupled / whatever, this is for you.

By the way, it includes a Fucking Great / Great Fucking sexy-time playlist my boyfriend and I personally curated. Enjoy x

bottom painting.jpg

Boost body-confidence

Embrace [watch]

My Italian lover's secret to irresistible confidence [read]

Best sexy-time playlist (for you and partners)

Fucking Great / Great Fucking sexy-time playlist (curated, tried and tested!) [listen]

Tantra-inspired tips for sex with yourself & partner

Best. Homework. Ever. (self-pleasure practice) [read]

Are you shrinking or expanding your pleasure? A short vid on the physiology of pleasure [watch]

4 Tantric tips for couples: more pleasure, confidence & spark [read]

Cute Valentines gift ideas

WTF is Tantra? A guide to mindfulness & sexuality workshop (Melbourne) [do]

Private in-person or Skype session with me [do]

My 4 favourite Tantra 101 books you’ll love (this is Tantra for the 21st Century) [read]

However you’re celebrating Valentine's, enjoy yourself. You're fucking beautiful. Loved. Perfect.

Happy Valentines Day.

Cait x