Wanna be in an artwork? 5 mins of You+Me+Skype = my next artwork

I’d love you to be part of my next performance art piece. 

It’s a short piece done over Skype and takes about 5-10 minutes.

This is how it goes:

You and I dial in.
You tell me what you want to hear.
I tell you what you want to hear.


What do I mean by stuff you want to hear

It’s the stuff that somewhere deep inside of you, you sorta scared is true or wish was true. When you hear it, you feel lighter, feel hope. That place deep inside of you finally takes a breath.

“I wanna know everything is gonna be okay.”
Everything is gonna be okay.
“I wanna hear that my body is not ugly, that it's actually kinda beautiful.”
Your body is not ugly, it's actually beautiful.
“I wanna hear I can do it.”
You can do it.
“I wanna hear that I am sexually powerful.”
You’re sexually powerful.
“I wanna hear that though I have a baby, I can still live my life."
You can live your life, even with a baby.

It’s not stuff like that depends on other people for your power: “I wanna hear I’ll be Queen of the world” / “everyone will like me one day” or breaks laws of science: “I wanna hear that rain will fall upwards”.

Make sense?

So, what do you truuuuly want to hear?

Now’s your opportunity to be witnessed by a loving and open friend (me) and drink in the truth of your desire.

I will guide you in some breath and relaxation practices so when you share your desire and hear your affirmation/reassurance/recognition, you actually receive it. Let it seep in. Nourish some deep parts of yourself.

What’s in it for you?

As a participant, is an opportunity for you to claim desire, open, receive, heal, let go, melt, be witnessed, feel supported, soften, build power. (This is a big part of what happens in paid sessions, only this is freeeee)

You get to have a cool and strange experience where you can experiment with new, radical ways of being with another human.

You’ll be in an ART WORK. You’ll literally be an art piece.

Sounds good, huh?

It’s also completely free.

We'll jump on Skype and each work will be recorded on Quicktime. After our call you can decide if it’s okay for me to keep the recording, or delete it. No pressure. This work will form a series and will be exhibited at galleries.

To participate in this artwork, email me and we’ll schedule in 5-10 mins this week until 28 August.

Any Qs, just ask.

I’m so looking forward to collaborating with you on this!

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