Q&A with Elisa Caro + homeplay practice to feel more alive, proud & connected with your vulva + vagina

Your relationship with your vulva and vagina matters. It's a nexus of your confidence, pleasure, creativity, power. Elisa Caro, co-facilitator for the Empowered Pussy workshop, didn't always love her vagina. Like so many of us, she judged it, was ashamed and estranged from it. Find out about her journey from weirded-out-and-ashamed to enamoured, loving, pleasured and proud. And see the tried and tested homeplay practice to help you feel more alive, proud and connected with your own vulva + vagina.

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Why I ❤️ break ups, even though they hurrrrrt — 6 keys to getting over break ups with grace, strength & wholeness

Relationships can be an incredible avenue to self-discovery, expansion, fun. One of the significant parts of a relationship where we can learn, grow, be confronted, feel the depths of vulnerability and intimacy, is breaking up. Here are musings about why break ups can be great (even though they HURT) and 6 keys to getting over them with grace, strength and wholeness.

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Let's talk about sex—article by NEXT Magazine

NEXT Magazine wrote an article about me for their Body Issue. It tells the intimate story of my road to Tantra and mindfulness via a mire of depression, anxiety, disordered eating and body image BS. It's a story of a 20-something’s Tantric journey, sharing how I began to find ease and self-love, pleasure and authenticity through getting closer to mySelf, my voice, my desire.

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Sex, God & Cellulite—an interview by Shakti Sundari [video & transcript]

Shakti Sundari at Heart to Heart interviewed me about God, Sex & Cellulite. “A must-watch for anyone struggling with body-image or self-love issues” we talk how to the road from self-loathing & dissociation (checking out during sex) to making peace with your-self, your body and the Divine.

Big stuff.

For more on why and how to love your body as it is now, read or watch the interview.

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8 things you need to hear this year (for great art, sex & life)

You know when you meet someone and you think, I want to be like you when I grow up! 

This summer I met Sugar. She’s the advice columnist of the Rumpus.

I handpicked eight of Sugar's most helpful, profound, and damn-straight advice columns that I think you’ll love. 

They’re real, quick, and oh-so rich. I have a feeling they’re just what you need to hear right now. Check them out.

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