Ep 01 — Ecstatic dance: meditation with bangerz with Ruby Brown

You’re in your room and your favourite track comes on. Your hips start moving. You’re dancing and no-one’s watching and… the beat drops. You lose yourself in ecstasy, even for just 3 minutes, 42 seconds.

Music and dance are a powerful tool for focusing attention, releasing and generating energy, healing and more. In this debut episode, we speak to Ruby Brown, artist and Founder of Nanny Match, about her personal experiments in ecstatic dance. We share our personal stories in discovering WTF ecstatic dance is, how movement and tunes became meditation and the self-awareness, -acceptance, -love, and playfulness that emerged.

Ruby Brown is of Ngā Puhi descent, born in Dunedin, New Zealand and currently living in Melbourne. Ruby is the founder of Nanny Match—a nanny match-making and employment agency based in Fitzroy. Ruby’s also a painter and sculptor and has exhibited at C3, Fort Delta and Sutton Project Space.


FB: @NannyMatchMelbourne

IG: @nannymatch