Ep 02 — Genital self-confidence & labiaplasty with Natasha Blumer

Body-image and body-confidence are one thing. But what about genital self-image? Natasha Blumer and I discuss genital self-confidence and genital diversity, along with labioplasty. Natasha —with a medical background focussing on the science of sex—shares how the way we think about our genitals (particularly vulva) can affect our pleasure, confidence, health and relationships. With plenty of stories from our own experiences, we also dive into the science behind how our awareness during sex affects anxiety, confidence, pleasure, satisfaction sexually and in life.

Natasha (Daisy) Blumer graduated from Melbourne University, completing her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Anatomy, Structure and Function. She is currently living in Munich studying German full time where she plans to complete her Masters in Epidemiology and Public Health and specialize in women’s health and reproductive physiology.