There are loads of cool Tantra and conscious sexuality things happening in Melbourne.

Other than my workshops, there are a number of events you can check out:

Transfiguration Melbourne — this is like Marina Abramovic-style paired meditation. It's amazing.  It’s basically just eye gazing. No talking, no touching, just gazing. A bit like Vipassana, it’s amazing to experience someone so purely. You see someone and they see you. Really great for Tantric practices. Highly recommended.

Ecstatic Dance Melbourne — it's basically a mid-week dance party that allows you to be in your body with freedom, ease and confidence. Big symmetry with Tantra: it's about being in your body, connection, expression, vulnerability, play, movement, intimacy (with great music). No alcohol, just good vibes and serotonin. Very good practice for bedroom adventures... Highly recommended.

These two are more ecstatic dance and free-movement events:

5Rhythms — involves ecstatic dance and free-movement, which then moves into dancing five different rhythms. A bit like elements (earth, fire, water, air, centre). It allows you get to dance in all sorts of ways you wouldn't normally—which is to say, this helps you really find your own authentic groove. 

Melting Point (contact improvisation) and Tuesday jams — contact Improvisation is a super fun dance form that involves the dynamic interplay of gravity and momentum. Lots of cross-overs with how you may approach creativity, bodies and play (like in sex!). Watch this short video about contact improv.

Celebrating Sexuality Community — this is a FB community where you can find out about events in sex positivity, Tantra, body image, queer, kink, all sorts and meet others who are also exploring similar terrains to you.

Conscious Connection Events Melbourne and Melbourne Events Hosting — this is where all the conscious events and Tantra things in Melbourne are advertised.