Sexuality, Christian mysticism and autonomous faith

In this episode, I’m joined by Patrik Olterman, a Christian pastor, International School of Temple Arts facilitator, Bhakti Yogi, and Enneagram practitioner. I’m deeply fascinated with his quite radical, autonomous and authentic journey through spirituality and faith and in today’s show we talk about that. We discuss The difference between religion and spirituality, the six stages of faith (from literal to personally integrated), Sex positivity and queerness in Christianity, spiritual autonomy and deconstruction and how to safely explore spirituality without the fear of being duped.

This conversation is great medicine for anyone healing their religion wound.

Having an alive spiritual and sexual life are is birthright and Patrik shows us how they can come together. So to speak.

Patrik Olterman is a Christian pastor, ISTA facilitator, Bhakti Yogi, and Enneagram practitioner. Trained in theology, counselling and shamanic sexuality, his teaching goes beyond authority, dogma and societal norms.

Patrik is an expert on Post-Modern Faith, Interfaith, Diversity and anti-discrimination, Radical Christianity, Tantric Christianity, Sexuality, gender and Faith, Martial arts, and Hermeneutics. Patrick lives in Sweden.

Art by Alpha Channelling.

Art by Alpha Channelling.

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