Bwiti and iboga plant medicine journeys: the experience and the mystery

Grégory Puente, a Nima (shaman) and Mar Lébou, an artist, photographer and mystical explorer join us in the studio to talk about the plant medicine iboga and Bwiti initiations. In this episode, we explore what iboga is and how it’s used for medicine journeys. We also find out what happens to you in an iboga experience, what kind of healing and growth happens? What is Bwiti and how does iboga factor in with Bwiti? Is iboga a hallucinogen and is it like other psychedelic substances and medicines? One of the things I really loved talking about is the role of the medicine and initiation in not only helping our personal challenges and our personal growth, but also how it can help to grow collective consciousness and solve our big environmental and social problems we’re currently facing on the planet.

Grégory Puente is a Nima (a shaman) in the Gabonese Bwiti tradition. He first met the Bwitist Tradition during his French military service in Gabon in 1999. Grégory was consecrated a Nima (shaman) after studying with world renowned masters for over 14 years (include Master Atome Ribenga). Offering people around the world the opportunity to deeply know oneself and heal, Grégory offers initiations into Bwiti in Gabon and internationally.

We’ve had the pleasure of partaking in some of his journeys too.

If you’re feeling the pull to a Bwiti initation with Grégory, email him to find out when the next retreats are at and subscribe to my newsletter so I can update you when we put new Bwiti retreats there too.

Mar Lébou is an artist, photographer, and mystical explorer. He’s worked in the field of documentary photography through to art-making, exploring topics of shamanism, mysticism, energy alchemy, and plant medicine. He also teaches artists and creatives about embodied creativity and the spiritual elements of creative practice.

Iboga inspired art by Chor Boogie.

Iboga inspired art by Chor Boogie.

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