The Egyptian mysteries as wisdom for contemporary life

Got questions about tricky, sticky things in life? The Egyptian mysteries may have just the remedy. Each Egyptian ‘god’ and ‘goddess’ figure are like medicines in a medicine cabinet, with specific wisdom and help for our current lives… Whether it’s relationships, sex, money, or art, there’s epic wisdom if you look.

In this episode, Jasmeen Hana, an Egyptian Mysteries and Sacred Sexuality facilitator shares with us about the contemporary use of ancient Egyptian wisdoms. We also hear about Jasmeen’s personal and spiritual journey where leaving her highly religious Islamic home to discover her own truth, conscious sexuality and new depths of Egyptian cosmic wisdom.

Jasmeen Hana was raised in Egypt, Jasmeen Hana learnt a lot about the effect of suppressing life force and how it manifests are dis-ease and lifelessness. In her pursuit for freedom, vitality and living truth she left Egypt and travelled the world gathering wisdom from different traditions.

Jasmeen is passionate about the artistic expression of soul and the empowerment of humanity through the integration of polarities.

She currently facilitates now with ISTA ( International school of temple arts) as faculty and also offers journeys in the ancient temple arts in Egypt as well as travelling continuing her own journey of soul awakening.

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