Ending the gender war and creating real community

With #metoo, Donald Trump shenanigans, and a whole lot of unsavoury treatment between men and women, we have a kind of “us vs them” gender war going on. There’s so much resentment and wounding between men and women (cis and trans). But who is the first to soften and open to reconciliation? Both sides feel hurt and wounded. We seem to be in a closed-hearted stalemate, so there is no resolution.

This interview with Estera Saraswati, sacred sexuality teacher Tantric Buddhist mystic, illuminates how we can go beyond the gender war and find genuine connection, intimacy, and trust with our gender counterparts. This helps us get to creative collaboration rather than fear-based protection and fighting. With concepts from Buddhist Tantra, shadow work, contemporary psychology, and mysticism, this is the stuff you didn’t learn in Women’s Studies.

To go beyond the us/them separation, abuse, victimising, and blaming, we cover:

  • Redefining what patriarchy is (it’s probably not what you think!)

  • How patriarchy is produced and reproduced (it’s probably not what you think!)

  • As above so below; as within so without: how I contribute to this gender war (not just pointing fingers).

  • Why we must upgrade our consciousness to upgrade our solutions.

  • The need for women to address their inner masculine and men to connect with their inner feminine.

  • Understanding triggers: what triggers us on the outside indicates what’s inside of us: You are Donald Trump too. Taking self-responsibility

  • Why it’s so essential not to remain neutral

  • Tender power: a new way of engaging with power

  • Female predators: own that you’re a predator, not just men!

We also talk about parenting, the privatization of children, education, fostering inner curiosity, and creating a new approach for society.

This episode is so ESSENTIAL for every man, women, gender fluid, single, partnered person to listen to.

You can also read the transcript article here.

Estera Saraswati is a transformational catalyst, sacred activist, and a guide towards self-empowerment, freedom and compassion. With a background in Tantric Buddhism and temple arts, she is passionate about building a New Earth community without violence, where sexual energy is understood as sacred, the body is experienced as a temple, and committed, kind people share a common vision to manifest a better world for all. Deeply caring about all beings and our planet, Estera is a visionary and a midwife of new paradigm realities and healing spaces.

Estera supports people to free their life force and wisely access power for the benefit of all beings. Birth and death are at the core of her offerings along with sacred sexuality, temple and Tantric arts, shadow transformation and community building. A heart-warrior, she stands up for the sacred and reclamation of feminine and phallus power.

Exploring the intersections between spirituality, and different disciplines like art, technology, education, permaculture, and psychology, Estera supports people to find sacred living and respectful attunement with the subtle manifestations of life. She is interested in long-term growth, encouraging individual responsibility and understanding one’s place in a larger interconnected consciousness. Estera and her team are currently establishing a living community of sacred activists and artists.

Estera is engaged with and inspired by a number of communities dedicated to personal and collective metamorphosis: Tamera (through long term community building a new imprint of love free from fear) and Tara Mandala (restoring the only female spiritual lineage in Vajrayana, Tantric Buddhism).

Estera was born in Warsaw in Poland and currently lives in Sweden. Her nationality is planetarian.