Self-pleasure as self-care, relationship empowerment, and a spiritual practice

Self-pleasure is a core spiritual practice, just like meditation, yoga or prayer. It’s an avenue to bring you closer to yourself, the Divine. Self-pleasure is also key for emotional, mental and physical health. It’s foundational in the way we can detox our system, fill our being with literally good vibrations, practically self-love and become self-activating, rather than relying on others. In this way, is also a golden remedy for co-dependency in relationships because we start to tune into the inner union within ourselves. Self-pleasure is power, it’s medicine. That’s what Baba Dez Nichols, founder of the International School of Temple Arts talks to us about in this episode.

Baba Dez is an internationally renowned speaker and teacher, daka, author, singer-songwriter, and transformational guide, who’s been featured in numerous radio and TV shows for his contribution in the healing arts and evolving human consciousness. He’s a global networker and seeder of loving freedom who teaches the sacred temple arts to share, inspire, and support others in the activation and integration of life force energy.

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