Here's what people have said about my workshops.

“The workshop took the pressure off having to have 'mind-blowing sex skills.' I liked it’s practical exercises on the basics of intimacy (which we often forget) and heightened my appreciation of sensation. Cait’s also down to earth and really approachable in relating Tantra to the everyday person.”
—Victoria, Consultant, Melbourne

"I learned things that’ll be useful for me in lots of everyday contexts, like social settings. And with sex and being playful. I was nervous at first, but it was very friendly and casual. Now knowing that it's not totally ‘sexual’, I feel I can invite friends without them thinking I'm making a ‘move’. Haha. Awesome workshop. Really useful."
—Sian, Office Manager, Melbourne

"Caitlyn's workshops have helped me to discover how to connect with others, and more importantly, with myself. At first I was scared the stuff I’d learn would be too woo-woo, but it’s not at all. It's been amazing to share my experiences with my friends, colleagues, and even my parents. Caitlyn's helped me learn how to feel amazing everywhere from the bedroom through to meetings at work. I guess that means I now feel good in myself."
—Tom, Data Scientist, Melbourne

“I learnt lots of really useful stuff. Things that’ll be helpful with lovers and friends and family. I’d like to explore this approach to giving/receiving more. At first I was nervous about coming—I thought we might be ‘put on the spot’. But the vibe was really awesome. Chilled out, practical, fun, down to earth.”
—Anna, Consultant, Melbourne

“After the touch workshop I am relating to touch really differently. It's so different and amazing to consider touch toward others as pleasurable for me!! These are things I already knew intellectually but sort of needed to actually experience to truly understand.
—Melinda, Therapist, Wellington