FAQs about 1:1 coaching sessions


How challenging/scary will it be?
It's safe for newbies and great for more experienced folks too. We'll explore territory that may feel a bit new or edge-y for you—this is where the healing, expansion, and release lives. I encourage you to be bold and honour your needs throughout the session so you always feel safe.

Will it be weird and woo-woo? 
Anything that's different can seem weird at first. This is not regular therapy: we welcome all elements of the human being: mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual. It's grounded and smart work and the only way to heal at the core.

It may be an unusual experience for you, but it'll be expansive. Possibly challenging, but that means that you grow and become more you.

What do you mean 'sexuality' is welcomed? What does that mean, practically?
How are you to achieve wholeness and genuine ease if we only allow a sliver of you into the session? No. While some therapies leave sexuality out, this work does not. All of you is welcome. Celebrated. The good, the bad and the ugly. The light and dark. Sacred and profane. Happy and sad. Hello, wholeness, healing and ease! 

We may talk about sexuality and welcome sexual energy as a path of healing. It's Lifeforce, just like the sun, laughter and growing trees.

What do we 'do' in the session? How 'intimate' does it get?
We use powerful practices like..

  • breath and sense-based meditation

  • movement

  • breath

  • sound

  • visualisations 

  • emotional detoxing

  • shamanic practice

All practices are fully clothed and involve no 'intimate' touch (if that's what you're wondering about!).

You're invited to do what you authentically want to do. We go through safe and secure boundary-setting so you're always feeling comfy and 100% in charge. 

Is this for single people or people with partners? 
It's suitable for everyone. 

What do I do if I have a partner? Do I have to bring them or tell them about the session? What about relationship boundaries?
We can do a couple's session, but solo journeys are great too. Your choice.

It's best if you can tell them about the session first and discuss any boundaries, but this is up to you.

Sessions are 110% confidential.

Are sessions all-genders, relationship types and queer-friendly? 
Yep, definitely. I work with everyone! Cis, trans, and non-binary folks welcome. Single, monogamous, poly. Straight, queer and everything in between.

Will these sessions work for me? 
YES. Especially if you're still reading this and feel a tug deep inside you. See what recent clients have said at the bottom of this page. I'm living proof too. And tens of thousands of people just like you who have been through ISTA retreats and more.

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Keen or have further Qs? Email me.