1:1 work


You. Me. Truly.

In a 1:1 session,  we get real. We  explore what YOU want to let go of or grow.

We use embodied practices (meditations, movement, breath, sound, visualisations) to go beyond our 'shoulds', our mind, and whatever's holding us back. These practices are informed by a whole lotta things (Taoist inner alchemy, sexual alchemy, shamanism, psychodrama, mindfulness, dance, spirituality, dreams, plant medicine, lots).

We use these practices to explore new territory and push into new edges of who we are.

We use these practices to become.

These works happen on Skype, or in person (on availability). Sessions are 1.5 hours and (with free pre-work and follow up practices, plus email check-ins as needed).

People choose to work with me because they're Artists, Curious Cats or Freedom Seekers who want to...

  • Live life beyond status quo
  • Learn love self love, self care, self confidence
  • YOLO
  • Heal depression and debilitating mental health troubles
  • Find authentic desire and expression (Fuck Yes, not 'shoulds')
  • Take meditation from the yoga mat into their body, sexuality, relationships
  • Feel flow and abundance with money
  • Crack open their sensuality and discover multi-orgasmic life
  • Heal hatred/competition/fear of men
  • Heal hatred/competition/fear of women
  • Heal gender wars (within and outside of them)
  • Reclaim a smart and independent spirituality
  • Learn when and how to let go and surrender
  • Learn when and how to take control
  • Build inner power
  • Overcome traumas, fear, guilt and shame
  • Release the inner child and have FUN

The people who work with me are like you. They're smart, cool and willing to do something different. They feel the bat signal and they respond.

Stop just flirting with yourself, with waking up. Leap. And meet the real YOU on the other side.

If you're feeling the call, get in touch with me and don't look back.

Single sessions are four-session package deals available. Concessions may be available on discussion.