Ep 06 — Conversations with a sex worker with Isabelle Lynd

We get behind the scenes of sex work with Isabelle Lynd, an independent escort and passionate paramour. Exploring consent, authentic desire, empowerment and ‘seedy’ clients—all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask—Isabelle shares her personal, intelligent and honest ideas about what sex work is like and how she got into it, what’s awesome and not awesome about it, Tantric perspectives on sex work and some practical tips for people who are curious to explore more on either side of the arrangement.

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Isabelle Lynd is an independent escort in Melbourne and a passionate paramour (for those who please her). Isabelle Lynd is an independent escort in Melbourne who is passionate about sex work activism, challenging sexual stigma and shame, and getting a few saucy adventures in while doing it.


TW: @isabellelyndxx