Meditation that Beyoncé would love... (and you will too!) 

So we all know meditation’s good for us...

Meditation's so good for you, huh?

Meditation's so good for you, huh?

And you know what's awesome?

There's a special meditation that gives all the benefits of stillness meditation AND it also helps generate more vibrance, confidence, creativity, and mmmm in your body, bedroom, and life.

Plus, it's fun.

This special meditation includes movement and music. It's a a bit like yoga, where you become mindful of your body, thoughts, experiences, sensations as your body moves.

Basically, you're dancing. Mindfully. To whatever music you like.

Kool & the Gang
Didge music
New Order


It's one of the key practices in Tantra—for a reason!

Being able to really let go and move your body when you dance helps loosen the way you move your body in everyday life, including the bedroom. It supports you in having super fun, authentic and creative love-making. 

Being about flow, it also helps orgasmic energy move through your body. One step closer to full-body orgasms! 

The trick to this practice... 

If you've already had a bunch of dance sessions in your room—great.

The trick with dance meditation is to bring your mindful attention to your body, feelings, movement. Notice. And really let yourself go. Let yourself move in all sorts of ways you wouldn't normally move. There are no rules, no 'shoulds' about how to move.

This is where magic happens.

Lets get moving! Here’s a guide for dance meditation:

  1. Choose a few groovy songs (start with a slow jam to ease into) and hit play.
  2. Standing, meditate like normal: Notice your breath (the way the air enters and exits your body, the rise and fall of your chest, belly), thoughts, feelings, judgments (observe them they way you do clouds passing across the sky), the sensations in your body (OMG, I have a body?).
  3. When you're ready, listen to the music and let your body move… Tune into your body like it’s a radio station and let it guide your movement. You don't need to dance pretty, sexy, or cool: just move as you want to. Let your mind turn off and let instinct drive.
  4. Observe any thoughts, feelings, sensations! What's coming up? Let it be there. 
  5. Let go.. See if you can let go even more. Let go even more... More.
  6. Allow pleasure. You may laugh, feel silly, juiced up, invigorated (or stiff, awkward)… Awesome. Allow it. Flow with it. It’s all information and expansion.
  7. Keep dancing and enjoy
  8. Bring your stillness to movement when you feel the practice has come to a close. Rest there. Feel the sensations. Notice how different you feel now than before you started the practice.

Like regular meditation, do it in a private and comfortable place... I recommend doing it for at least 20-30 minutes (longer even!) regularly to get the gems. Start with just once though ;)

When you've got your mindful grooves, see if you can bring this same mindfulness and letting go in the bedroom... And try it when you're out boogie'ing with your friends :)

Practice, and enjoy!

Weehoo! More vibrance, confidence, creativity, and mmmm in your body, bedroom, and life.

Weehoo! More vibrance, confidence, creativity, and mmmm in your body, bedroom, and life.

Caitlyn x