Workshop FAQs

Are you keen to come to a workshop, but thinking, "hmm, yeh, but, mmmm, I’m not sure?"

Try this:

Will it be fun? 
Definitely. Playfulness & not taking things too seriously are key. This is Tantra after all: it's about pleasure and nourishment, authentically.

Will it be weird? 
Anything that's different can seem weird at first. It may be an unusual experience for you, but it'll be expansive. Possibly challenging, but that means that you grow and become more you!

Do I have to do stuff? Or just listen to you talk? 
A little bit of listening, mostly doing. These workshops are experiential—this allows you to learn things & make shifts with your mind, emotions and spirit. Powerful stuff.

Do I have to let people touch my butthole/similar? 
No. This workshop relates to sexuality, but it’s involves non-sexual, uncomplicated & beautiful interaction. Also, you don’t have to do anything, ever—you’re fully in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time.

How 'intimate' does it get? It's not at all 'sexual', if that's what you mean. All touch practices are PG rated (e.g.  touch is between the elbow and the hand). And remember, you only do the stuff you want to do. You're given tools to feel super comfortable.

Is it for single people or people with partners? 
Both: it's suitable for everyone. We pair up with different people throughout the night, or you can choose to work with someone you've come along with. 

For single folks, it won't be weird that you haven't brought a partner! Promise. 

For people with partners, this workshop can transform your relationship. It’s unlikely your partner would feel threatened, etc. Check in with them though!

If I have a partner, do I have to bring them? 
No, unless they wanna join in too.

All genders and queer-friendly? 
Yep, definitely.

Who else will be there? 
Me. Your friends, and cool people you haven’t met yet. If it's a women's only workshop, it'll just be women there. Bring a friend if you’re nervous and would like to share an expansive experience with a pal! 

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