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African medicine journey retreat — Thailand

  • Mala Dhara Chiang Mai Thailand (map)

This a journey: a wild ride where you let your heart crack wide, wide open. You cleanse, surrender and receive messages that heal ongoing difficulties and aching questions of Life. It gets your heart and soul in the driver’s seat. It brings clarity. Awakens Love.

The journey conduit: a powerful African plant medicine.

Life will not be the same again after this.

Because of the incredibllllle experiences we’ve had with it, we felt called to share it with my friends and tribe. YOU.

We invited a Nima (shaman) from Gabon, West Africa to Thailand to facilitate a five-day medicine retreat.

It will take place in Mala Dhara, an exquisite eco resort in Chiang Mai, 24-28 April, 2019.

It’s for you, me and a small group of our very special pals and kinfolk.

There are not many Nimas offering this around the world. This is a unique opportunity for transformation.

This is for you if you…

  • Want to break free of any lingering issues / trauma / self-limiting beliefs.

  • You’re curious and adventurous.

  • You’re not interested in status quo. You want your authentic self, expressed!

  • Want to heal relationships with your mother, father, family, past relationships.

  • Need to deepen genuine self-love.

  • Feel stuck and are struggling to reach the next level of Freedom and Ease (keep slipping backwards!)

  • Want answers to the Universe.

  • Want to step into more Power, Love, Freedom.

  • Feel there’s something more… something calling you to bigness.

If you’re feeling the call, come. It’s your heart—who knows—calling.

Spaces are very limited (15-20 people max) so please book your space as you can.

Any questions, get in touch.

I am SO excited to journey with you.

Medicine-inspired art by Chor Boogie

Medicine-inspired art by Chor Boogie

Who’s the Shaman (Nima) and team?

— The Nima —

Grégory Puente, the Nima, at the beginning of a retreat in Brazil, 2018.

Grégory Puente, the Nima, at the beginning of a retreat in Brazil, 2018.

Grégory Puente met the Bwitist Tradition in May 1999 in a small village in the north east of Gabon while doing his military service. Upon returning to France, once his military service was finished, he undertook research and sought to verify the truth of the experiences he had had during his initiation.

Following that, the only conclusion he could reach was that he had found in Gabon a true School of Divine Mystery such as are rarely found on the planet, which could help him with his thirst for understanding himself. After several visits, he decided in 2002 to live full-time in Gabon to deepen his training.

Atome Ribenga, Africa’s most famous plant medicine shaman and also Grégory Puente’s master for 11 years.

Atome Ribenga, Africa’s most famous plant medicine shaman and also Grégory Puente’s master for 11 years.

The same year he met the Master Atome Ribenga, with whom he stayed 11 years as his apprentice Nima in Mboumba Eyano. Atome Ribenga is the best Bwiti shaman in Gabon, and is featured in this documentary, The Twelve. On 28th December 2013 his master in this tradition consecrated him as Nima.

Since 2014, in Libreville, his mission has been to help seekers find themselves through initiations and healing.

As well as serving as a ‘bridge’ between worlds and a ‘bridge’ between continents and cultures, under the instructions of the spiritual plans, he sets up sessions of ‘Discovery of the Bwiti tradition and African plant medicine’.

Gregory will be flying from Gabon, Central Africa to conduct this ceremony.

— The assistants —

There are three assistants Gregory works with regularly around the world. They’re all awesome, initiated and trustworthy.

— The organisers —

My beloved and me. We take this really seriously. We are not on a trendy plant medicine bandwagon. No-siree!

We have communed with the Spirit of the plant and asked, is this in your will? We opened our hearts to the gravity and responsibility of sharing this with the world with honesty, diligence, and the motivation of Love.

About the venue

The retreat is taking place at Mala Dhara eco resort. Complete with saltwater pool, sweat lodge, gorgeous villas and delicious healthy food.

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How much and booking

For five days in an eco resort, healthy yummy meals, nature walks, a Nima + team from Africa/Europe, the special plant medicine, combined into a once in a lifetime transformational experience, it’s:

1,380 Euro | AU$2210 | US1580 | Thai Baht 49,900

Note that this retreat is not suitable for those with serious medical/psychological conditions. A detailed application must be completed in advance prior to being accepted.

FAQs about the African plant medicine and journey experience

What is the African plant medicine and where does it come from?


The sacred plant is from Gabon, West Africa and is used there by people in the Bwiti tradition. It’s a root bark that when ingested produces intense visionary experiences and healing. Bwiti tribes use the sacred plant for healing, rites of passage and initiation.

The Bwiti tradition is made up of a group of ancestral mystico-spiritual initiatory rites using the root of the sacred plant medicine tree. It allows initiates to enter into other fields of consciousness and the spirit to travel to the sounds of musical instruments and sacred chants. From this journey within themselves, they bring back perceptions and experiences. There are two principal streams at the heart of this tradition, each one linked to a sacred instrument.


There are clinics in the west who use this ibogaine (an a single alkaloid extract of the 22 found in iboga) to heal people of addiction or substance abuse problems (most often heroin).

“This sacred plant medicine can offer tremendous insight to one’s past, and help them better understand how things in the past have led to their current state of mind. When considering this medicine, some other common reasons individuals seek it out include:

• Addiction (including thought patterns)

• Eating disorders

• Depression

• Self-limiting beliefs

• Overcoming past trauma”


“With this sacred plant, there is a concept of going deeper within the mind. Shamans that have used the sacred substance for generations believe that the sacred plant helps one access the infinite nature we all contain. It has been used for thousands of years in both rites of passage ceremonies, and as a powerful spiritual conduit.

The medicine is sometimes referred to as “the stern father” for the messages it provides. The medicine can be firm, showing you the mistakes you have made, without any sugar coating. This “stern father,” however, is part of your true self, offering the lessons necessary to heed the personal growth and change you desires.

The sacred plant is considered one of the most powerful plant medicines there is.” [quotes from]

For the name of the plant medicine, contact me.

How the African plant medicine experience in Thailand works, end to end:

DAY 1-2

You arrive, probably have a swim cos it’s hot and the pool is swish, check out the super beeeeeautiful retreat center, settle in.

The Nima and his team offer a presentation on the ‘Bwiti Tradition and African plant medicine’.

The first two days are dedicated to purification using different techniques to prepare the mind and body for the spiritual journey. As part of this process, there are a series of independent and shaman-led purification baths, a temazcal sweat lodge, yummy vegan food, time for introspection and meditation, journalling, and spending time in nature.

We fast the day of the journey.

During the first two days, you have a private consultation with the Nima to express intentions and issues you’re looking to work through on the journey.


On the third night, we journey in the temple together. First, there will be a guided meditation to help the body and mind to welcome the ceremony. You set intentions.

Then, we each imbibe the sacred plant.

*I’ll share more about the journey itself in the next section*

DAY 4-6

The days after the journey night are for integration. You may still be receiving downloads, but it’s not as intense as the journey night itself.

Some people may take the sacred medicine again the second night.

Your body will also need some rest, so we’ll do that. We’ll eat light meals, ground, sleep, journal, be on the land. It’s a personal time to come back to the physical plane, so you can follow your own needs and what best serves you.

Everyone will have a 1:1 meeting with the Nima to support you interpreting your journey.

When it’s time to go after lunch on the fifth day, you’ll head to your next adventure: Chiang Mai, island holiday, or journey back home.

How the journey works, specifically:

It’s an overnight journey (6-10 hours), with some days of integration after.

After preparing with two days of purification and meditating, you eat your portion of the sacred plant.

It is quite bitter, but it is the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge after all and don’t expect that to taste like candy!

Then, you lay down in your own little bed space in the temple and journey until dawn. Sacred harp music will be played the whole night.

It’s a solo experience. You close your eyes and basically dream while awake, communing with Spirits, with your Higher Self. You don’t sleep.

There is no talking or interacting.

Once the dawn rises, the medicine is less intense. You may still receive many downloads the following day(s), but you’re not in the thick of it anymore.

It’s important to note that the Nima reserves the right not to serve the plant medicine at the session, if deemed unsafe for any specific individual. The medicine has been used for thousands of years for the purpose of knowing one’s true self.

Like the purification baths you will receive, the plant is another tool that is used to become initiated into the Gabonese Bwitist Tradition, it is helpful but not indispensable. Regarding health issues, if taking this plant means taking a dangerous risk for someone, The Spirit will tell the Nima the right tool to use for this person instead.

What’s the difference between this African plant medicine and Ayahausca?

Some say that the visions are more personal and ways of perceiving are not just visual (i.e. you may feel, know, hear, taste, smell, remember in the visions). Iboga experiences are precise and efficiently get to the heart whatever’s troubling you. A person imbibing iboga has a lot of agency in the journey — you can easily interact with the visions, ask questions and receive clear answers.

Here are some articles that compare the difference:…/ibogaine-vs-ayahuasca/…/aubrey-ma…/ayahuasca-vs-iboga

Personally, I’ve experienced both and I don’t feel the need to compare them.

They’re both awesome, potent, sacred. They’ll both heal, reveal, cleanse, restore, and activate you.

The main decider is what are you feeling called to?

How long is the journey?

The journey is for one night only (6-10 hours) though we have two cleansing days before and three integration days after.

What happens to your body when you eat the medicine? Puke?

You might purge at some point in the night.

You don’t sleep for a full night and it can take a couple of days to fully recover (it’s different for each person) and land back on the earth.

For me, it’s a bit like having ecstatic Sex to make a baby (making love) and then giving birth (can be uncomofortable!). And then you have the most precious thing in your arms: Love. So it’s worth it. Everyone’s journey is different, but you receive exactly what you need.

Who’s there to help me during the journey / retreat?

You have midwives for the experience: the Nima (shaman), three experienced assistants, Spirits and your Higher Self.

And beyond the journey, my beloved and I support all your organisational Qs.

Is it safe to take this medicine? What risks are there?

The dose is always a safe dose. The shaman consults the spirits who then determine how much should be given. Very occasionally the spirits have advised Gregory not to give the sacred wood at all, but to use other practices of song, prayer and ritual bathing.

If necessary, the shaman knows how to reduce the effects of the medicine once already taken and can support the person to come back to earth quickly.

There are ample days days for integration after so people have plenty of time to come back to earth with the shaman present.

During the ceremony there are temple guardians (who are initiated and worked with the shaman before) who help people go to the toilet / whatever they need. So you aren’t left to handle yourself. The support is essential when you’re on the medicine.

In terms of vulnerability on a medicine, are women safe to do this?

The shaman works with a team of initiated men and women who are always present during the full ceremony. There is no potential for harmful or self-serving acts, though self-serving is not the intent of the Nima, anyway! When asked, the Nima says his role is to serve and support healing, not take and abuse. Gregory believes any shaman who abuses their power are not really shamans—not in service to Spirit, Love, Peace and Wisdom. They’re just serving themselves. No-shit and impeccable, Gregory is a shaman in service of the people, of Good. My beloved has been working with him for years and highly trusts him. I trust him 100% too.

How do I know this plant medicine journey is right for me this time?

You’ll feel a YES stir somewhere deep inside of you.

Maybe it’s a loud siren in your soul, or possibly it’s a quiet meow that says, go.

Your Yes may also be mixed with nervousness, what-ifs, hesitation or fear. That’s okay. Listen to the call for expansion, not the fear.

(And don’t for a minute let (a lack of) money make the decision for you! Your soul is akin to God. If it’s right for you to be at this retreat, it will happen. Talk to me for money manifestation practices too x )

Is it legal to do this?

In Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, most of the EU and many other countries, yes. In some other parts of the world, like Australia or the US, no.

How is the sacred plant sourced?

The Nima personally grows and also carefully sources the sacred plant to preserve the wellbeing of the species.

Helpful resources

Joe Rogan talks about his journey with this plant medicine

Podcast interviewing artist, Tantra teacher and awesome woman on this plant medicine

Iboga Preparation Guide – How to Get the Most From Your Healing Ceremony

Everything you need to know about Ibogaine (note that ibogaine is the compound in iboga and we use the plant not in a clinic, but in a sacred shamanic ceremony.

Further Qs + booking

Get in touch with me, pronto! It’s a small retreat and I’ll love to share it with you.