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Cosmic-sexual manifesting — Return to Eden Festival, New Zealand

  • Highden Temple Palmerston North New Zealand (map)

What are you calling in? Learn to bring cosmic force and erotic potency into your creativity and manifesting.

Whether it’s business, art, money, intimate relationships, we’re always calling something in, consciously or unconsciously. Become aware of what it is you WANT and learn to call it in (manifest, create, receive) with joy, power and ease.

Manifesting becomes simple, joyful and powerful when the mind, body, soul and heart are in flow. It becomes POWER-FULL when we charge with cosmic forces (tapping into the battery of the Universe) and sexual energy. And funnnn. Using Taoist and shamanic sexual practices, learn the art of magick-making, erotic prayer, getting the soul in the driver's seat and Flowing with the Tao.

  •  Get more flow and ease in creating and calling in what it is you WANT

  • Power up: learn to charge your being and projects with divine cosmic energy

  • Release blocks that are currently getting in the way of the life you feel calling you

  • Find more flow and harmony between soul, mind, heart, and body in how you live your life

  • Meet rad community, attend loads of other powerful workshops, relax…

This workshop is presented during Return to Eden Festival, 5-7 April. Many other workshops are being presented. Check out the full schedule.

 Who’s facilitating?


Caitlyn was 10 years old when she first worried that she wasn’t good enough. She started believing she must earn love by being impressive. Transforming into perfectionism and performance anxiety, she developed clinical anxiety, depression and disordered eating as a young woman.

Caitlyn’s journey to freedom is what led her to become an international coach, facilitator, writer and artist working in mindfulness, Self-Love, sacred sexuality and shamanic healing.

Her work centers embodiedness and explores Love, freedom, body-image, authenticity, surrender, and power. Her influences are broad, including meditation, shamanism, sexual alchemy, acting, psychodrama, nature, movement and ritual.

Undertaking comprehensive training with International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Shamanic Studies Asian, and mentorship with multiple leaders in the field, Caitlyn facilitates groups and coaches internationally.

Caitlyn is an apprentice ISTA faculty.

How much and how to book?

For the three day festival and over 17 workshops…

Early Bird — $250 (limited)

Regular — $300

Tickets at the gate — $350

We have accommodation options with varying prices.

All entry tickets need to be purchased with an accommodation option outlined here