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Creators Retreat — Maldives

To find your deep liberation in body, mind and soul, you first must tap into your body’s wisdom and into the joy of sensual conscious connection with the earth. Join us for eight days and seven nights of Yoga, Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Ecstatic Dance and exquisite Island adventures!

With world-renowned teachers including Chantelle Raven (my badass mentor!), Joni Patry, and Vic Dicara, we will be bringing you to a deeper place of Truth, Connection, and Profound Love for Yourself, Your Beloveds, and the Entire Planet.

What's offered and who's teaching?

Some of the Workshops and Teachers are:

// Tantra Workshops by Chantelle Raven (my mentor) and Aaron Kleinerman //

  • Sacred Relationships,

  • Awakening the Animal,

  • Igniting Your Power with Shadow Work,

  • Exploring Open Relating

  • The Power in Community.

// Mindful Sexuality by me, Caitlyn Cook, and my beloved, Vlad Sokhin //

  • How to fall in love with yourself 

  • Mindful sexuality 101 

  • Sex, Love & Cellulite: build a bangin’body image

  • Life upgrade: Learn to Receive and Give

  • Unleash your effortless creativity

// Tantric Kundalini Yoga by Jason Milne //

// Yoga Philosophy and Vedic teachings by Vic Dicara //

  • A simple Gita, covering Karma-Yoga, “Yoga” & Meditation, Bhakti-yoga and Yoga-Science

  • Vedic Gods & Goddesses, covering the Hindu Trinity, the Divinities (Bad Guys): Ghouls, vampires, nature monsters, dragons and demons, the Divinities(Good Guys): Solar deities, Deities of reincarnation, Sages & wizards, Goddesses: Rādhā, Lakṣmī, Parvatī, Sarasvatī, Aditi, Apas and Seven devis of virtue.

  • Level 1 Astrology, Covering; Is astrology reasonable? How does fate actually work?, The Classic Planets, Symbols and Signs of the Zodiac, Tropical or Sidereal?, the 12 Houses, the Nakshatra, Sutras and the true nature of the 27 Vedic Constellations.

  • Level 2 Astrology, covering How to Interpret; Planets in Houses, Planets in Signs and Lords in Houses. Essential “Yogas”: to spot & interpret, aspects, conjunctions, and complex combos.

// Astrology Readings by Joni Patry //

// Ecstatic Dance by Lua Heart //

… Many other teachers and offerings to be posted soon.

Adventures and Experiences Include:

  • Sand Bank Dining,

  • Sunset Dolphin Cruises,

  • Ocean Dining,

  • Sea Exploration,

  • The Night Sky Observatory

  • and Much More!

Luxury accomodation

We will be staying at Soneva Fushi, the most loved, 5 Star Luxury Resort in the MALDIVES.

Soneva Fushi's Concept is ‘bare-foot Luxury’, a Resort that is by nature PERFECT for the intimacy and Unity of this retreat.

For those who’ve always dreamt about visiting the Maldives, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to make your dream trip come true.

Dining: we are bringing some of the best chefs and restaurants from the states, for a memorable dining experience. Gluten-free and Vegan Options are available.

You'll know this is for you if…

  • You Love and are curious about Astrology, Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Ecstatic Dance

  • You Love Travelling to new places and the Maldives excite you!

  • You are Creative and want to expand your creative potential, expression and collaborations

  • You Want to Learn How to Build Authentic Friendships and Relationships that bring you Joy, Openness and Bliss

  • You Want to deepen your Understanding and Expression of Sexuality, Joy, Authenticity and easeful Communication.

  • You Love Nature and Ayurvedic Treatments and want to learn more about them.

  • You Love Bare-Foot Luxury, including Exotic Food and Dining

  • You Want to Treat Yourself or Someone Special

How much is it?

Adult — US$2,900

Millenial (18-34 years old) — US$2,100

Youth (17 years and under) — US$1,700

This Pricing is Inclusive of:

  • Accommodation

  • All Workshops and Yoga Classes

  • Sunset Dolphin Cruise

  • The Observatory

  • Roundtrip Sea Plane Transfer from

  • MLE Airport to Resort / Island.

Food is at each guest's own expense.

The Maldives consists of Luxury Resorts / Islands.

Average public pricing for a trip to the Maldives as seen on Booking.Com, is usually $2,000 USD per-night. This retreat is a priceless discount and a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Maldives!

About the Host

I'm thrilled to be invited by The Vegan Network to this one of a kind retreat of heart-opening, soul-expanding, body-freeing work taught by world-renowned teachers.

The Vegan Network are a Content Creator Community inspiring the masses through Talent. Beyond publishing, we are also the Collaboration Network for Companies and Brands which inspire through product and lifestyle.


Contact Chris Wheels, the event organiser. You can also chat to me, but I may not have as many answers as Chris x

Get your ticket now. I look forward to playing with you in the Maldives!