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Impervious Intimacy (presented by Performance Art Week Aotearoa)

This is a 1:1 piece that can include ordinary, non-ordinary, and silent conversation. The difference: there will be a glass wall between you and your conversation partner. This piece seeks to make manifest the invisible distance, the  sanitary shield, the arms-distance mask we sometimes hold with people, even those most intimate, in our lives. It’s that sense of wanting intimacy, sensing it so close, but somehow still feeling a vaporous chasm between one another. Having an embodied experience of this shield in conversation, we ‘see’ what this feels like. And possibly discover… What do we get out of the shield? Do we like it? Do we want to crack it? Do we really want to see and be seen?

Your conversation partner may be Caitlyn, your gallery comrade, or perhaps a stranger (it’s your choice). The work begins when you sit on the seat in front of the glass and ends when you leave. It lasts as long as you like. There is no obligation to speak. There’s no obligation to do anything.


I had a conversation with you. I came close. Not to your skin—to your you. There was a moment where something seemed to crack and I thought I got beyond the sanitary shield, the corrected and approved mask. To see you spontaneous. Now. Alive. The intimacy of the moment passed like an unreached orgasm, or a seized rollercoaster, mid-ride. Somehow there was something still between us. An invisible distance. A thin space of zero gravity. I want to see you. I want to see you. I want to see YOU. Will you let me see you?

Presented by Performance Art Week Aoteroa. For more the program and more information, see here.