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Kundalini Tantra PREVIEW workshop w Dakini Chantelle & Simon Martin — presented by SexyLove Project

  • Pulse 1 Pitt Street Brunswick, VIC, 3056 Australia (map)

Curious about Kundalini Tantra? We’re hosting an intro night to give you a taste of it! 

At this practical intro evening, you’ll:

  • Get a taste of how kundalini energy and Tantra can activate your power, especially in modern-day life.
  • Practice some hands-on healing and embodied practices.
  • Learn how to use your sexual energy to revitalise and empower yourself in a safe and healing way. 
  • Deepen the way you embody and express your powerful, authentic self.

Plus, you'll find out what to expect at the immersive two-day workshop.

What is Kundalini Tantra? It's about accessing your vital and sexual energy (the stuff that makes musicians to write their melodies, lovers to sway during a slow dance...) to release what’s holding you back and embody your power like never before.

Yes. Please.

This workshop is  appropriate for singles, couples and people of all genders and orientations. No nudity is involved. The workshop relates to sexuality and sexual energy, but it involves non-sexual interaction.

If you'd like to go deeper, immerse yourself in the two-day workshop.

What will we do?

Designed by experts in Tantra and chiropractics, Dakini Chantelle and Simon Martin, this workshop uses theory & experiential practices to teach you tools you can use at home in your life. 

To get more of a feel for the workshop, watch this 20-minute documentary.

Who’s facilitating?

Two powerhouses, Dakini Chantelle & Simon Martin. Here's more about them:

Leaving her positions in law and CEO behind, Dakini Chantelle is now an expert in sacred sexuality and holistic healing. After years of training and practice, she’s a sought-after international healer, speaker, author, facilitator, and trainer in Sacred Relationship and Sacred Sexuality. 

Simon Martin is a registered Chiropractor, Anatomy & Yoga Teacher and has Trained with masters from across the world. Simon supports people to re-gain their vitality both physically and emotionally through anatomy, Kundalini, body-work and yogic-breathing and singing as healing modalities.

Chantelle and Simon founded ELIYAH

How much is it and how do I book?

Just $20! Weehoo.

Book your tickets now — click here.

I'm still curious! Tell me more...


What is Tantra?

Lots of people believe Tantra is just about sex and getting naked. It’s not.

A doctrine originating in India, Tantra means “to stretch” ('Tan') “the instrument of yourself” ('Tra'). It’s “the way of expanding ourselves”.

Tantra includes sexuality, but it’s really about how to live an amazing life, how to have healthy relationships and process your emotions in a way that really serves you. It’s about being your authentic self, and living a vibrant life

What is Kundalini? 

Kundalini is your vital energy. It’s that ‘something’ that makes a parent rock their baby, musicians write their melodies, lovers to sway during a slow dance…

It’s that something you experience when you try not to laugh when we’re supposed to be serious, when you’re overcome with emotion at near miss at the football or grief at a funeral, when you’re pumped after an amazing yoga session.

Kundalini is life force—when accessed and moved, has incredible potency in your life.

I’ve heard some things about kundalini... Will I be safe to move my kundalini energy here?

You’re in safe hands! Chantelle and Simon are experts in kundalini energy and healing the emotional body. You’ll be supported and given all the tools you need to stay safe while moving energy. These are powerful tools you can use in your regular life too!

How ‘hands-on’ is this workshop? And does it include nudity?

The workshop will involve practical and physical solo, group work, plus you'll have opportunities to work with trained bodyworkers during the workshop.

There is no nudity. This workshop relates to sexuality, but involves non-sexual, uncomplicated & beautiful interaction.

Remember, you’re in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time. You go at your pace and do only what YOU want to do.

Is it for single people and people with partners? 

It's suitable for everyone. For people with partners, this workshop can transform your relationship.

Do I have to have a partner and must I bring them? 

No and no (unless they want to come!)

All genders & queer-friendly? 


Book your spot now! If you have annnyyy questions, email me right now, we'll chat :)

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We’re so excited to see you!

And if you’d like to find out more about the immersive Kundalini Tantra weekend workshop, click here.