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Tantra 101 half-day workshop: connection in technicolour (AKL)

  • City Side 8 Mount Eden Road Auckland, Auckland, 1023 New Zealand (map)

This half-day intro workshop is designed to take you to new depths and heights of pleasure, connection, ease and authenticity—in the bedroom and in life. It's a gentle Tantra intro with lots of laughing and great people. And it's non-binary.

Covering the foundations of Tantra, in this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Experience what Tantra is and how it unlocks pleasure and vibrance in your body, bedroom and life.
  • Learn to stop tolerating and start honouring your genuine desire (that's where magic happens!).
  • Move beyond performance and being your head, into easeful & blissful connection
  • Learn simple ways to communicate that feel easy and breezy.
  • Use breath, sound, and movement to fully let go, cultivate energy, and expand your pleasure potential.
  • Bring your full self to intimacy and take you toward full, nourishing, blissful, technicolour connection. Full. Bodied. Pleasure.

What we’ll do in the workshop:

These practices have been so big for me in my bedroom adventures. The first time I did these practices I was like Whaaaaat? Why didn’t I learn this earlier??? I had no idea I could DO this!!

Authentic desire & easy-breezy communication

Culturally, we’re taught to please. Be nice. Say yes. And yet, moving beyond ‘shoulds’ and getting in touch with your genuine desire is where magic happens. In the bedroom and in life.

We’ll do a simple practice to connect with what we truly want and learn simple ways to communicate that feel easy and breezy.

Breath, sound, movement & attention

For most of us, we breathe, move, make sound and focus attention in shallow ways in intimacy. And yet, these are key in cultivating and amplifying pleasure and energy in your body.

We’ll do some practices to discover how to use breath, sound, movement, and attention to fully let go, move energy, and expand our pleasure potential.

Connecting with full presence

In life and in the bedroom, we’re often we’re in our head, thinking, analyzing, planning our next move. This neutralizes our ability to experience connection, ease, sweetness.

We’ll do a key Tantric paired meditation called ‘transfiguration’. It’s an extended eye-gazing practice that takes you beyond expectations and performance and into deep presence, openness, and connection with yourself and others. It’s profound. Very helpful for getting out of your head and into the experience, building confidence, and feeling love for humans.

Marina Abramovic did a similar practice at MOMA!

Unlocking your connection & bliss potential

Culturally, we put a lot of emphasis on genitals during love-making. Tantra shows that inviting more of our selves into intimacy amplifies the potential for pleasure, connection, oneness.

We’ll do a simple and freakin’ awesome practice to reveal the potential of your full self in intimacy and take you toward full-bodied, nourishing and technicolour connection.

We'll have a little lunch break too.

This workshop is appropriate for singles, couples, and people of all orientations and genders. It takes a non-binary approach to Tantra. You’ll only do the stuff you want to do—you’re in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time. This is really important. The class is fully clothed. While the workshop relates to sexuality, no ‘bits’ are touched.

Who's facilitating?

Me, Caitlyn. I'm a conscious sexuality teacher and founder of the SexyLove Project. I incorporate lots of things in my work with sexuality and embodiment, like meditation, dance, drama, and mindfulness.

I used to suffer from clinical depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. It sucked. I found Tantra five years ago and loooove what it's unlocked for me—body confidence, trust, pleasure, aliveness, authenticity. 

I have a playful, no BS, and accessible way of teaching Tantra. I celebrate the strength of vulnerability, seeing it as the place for healing, connection, and empowered living.

Read more about me here.

How much & how do I book tickets?

$55 early bird (limited tix, available till 24 Dec)
$75 regular.

These workshops always sell out, so get your ticket now.

Are you keen for the workshop, but thinking, "hmm, yeh, but, mmmm, I’m not sure?"

Try this:


Will it be fun?

Definitely. Playfulness & not taking things too seriously are key. This is Tantra after all: it's about pleasure and nourishment, authentically.

Will it be weird?

Anything that's different can seem weird at first. It may be an unusual experience for you, but it'll be expansive. Possibly challenging, but that means that you grow and become more you!

How challenging will it be?

This is an intro workshop, so it's pretty gentle. The partnered practices are little more challenging than other SexyLove Project workshops however. It’s possible we’ll be exploring territory that feels a bit new or edgey for you—this is where the healing, growth, and release lives! We encourage you to be bold and honour your needs throughout the workshop so you always feel safe.

Do I have to do stuff? Or just listen to you talk?

You have free choice at all times. All exercises are 100% voluntary and you can choose to sit and watch if that is what feels best for you. The workshop will be a little bit of listening, mostly doing. It's experiential—this allows you to learn things & make shifts with your mind, emotions and spirit. Powerful stuff.

How intimate is this workshop?

This workshop is fully clothed and there is no erotic touch. Also, you don’t have to do anything, ever—you’re fully in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time.

Is it for single people? Or people with partners?

Both: it's suitable for everyone. For people with partners, this workshop can transform your relationship. It’s unlikely your partner would feel threatened, etc. Check in with them, though!

All genders- and queer-friendly?

Yep. I'm really passionate about being very inclusive and non-binary.

Who else will be there?

Me, your friends, and other cool people you haven’t met yet. Bring a friend, if you’re nervous or want to have some positive growth experiences with people you care about.

Jump in! Book your ticket now xx

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Very happy to chat!