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Tantric touch meditation

  • Stephen McLaughlan Gallery 8/37 Swanston Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)

Touch is fundamental in most romantic connections. It’s one of the big ways we give and receive love and pleasure, and connect with our partners. 

And yet sometimes we get all in-your-head about it and lose confidence or feel unexcited by touch: giving or receiving.

This experiential (PG-rated) workshop is all about bringing more vibrancy, pleasure and confidence to such a simple, important and yummy thing in our life: touch.

Yes, it relates to sexuality, but it's all very casual, fun and non-awkward. Promise :)

What will we cover?

Experiencing touch in a way that feels phenomenal is about deep awareness of sensation, genuine desire and communication (verbal & non-verbal). In this workshop, we will talk about what this means, learn some techniques and then practice them! It’s all very casual and fun.

1. O, wow, I didn't notice that before.
A little guided active meditation in noticing. It's a solo practice. One you can do anytime, anywhere! I love it—I learnt it in an Alexander Technique class.

2. Experience touch like never before.
We’ll do a guided meditation where we focus our attention on the physical sensation of touch. Feel your skin light up as you focus on feeling. Another solo practice.

3. O wow, a human.
Next I'll guide you in experiencing touch with another human (touch is just from the elbow to the hand—PG, remember?). This is quite phenomenal, especially after the guided solo meditation. Sarah from my AKL workshop said, "it's super simple, but profound".

We have lots of little discussions and take it really slow. Then, it's all finito and we have a cuppa, chat for a bit. Whatever!

So you know, this workshop is appropriate for singles, couples and people of all orientations. It's super casual and not scary—and it's PG-rated of course! The class is fully clothed and not seedy. This workshop relates to sexuality, but it involves non-sexual, uncomplicated and beautiful interaction.

How much is it & how to book?

$14. Book through Laneway Learning.

Are you keen for the workshop, but thinking, hmm, yeh, but, mmmm, I’m not sure? Check out the workshop FAQs.

See you there!