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Touch that feels like WOW: a practical workshop (AKL)

  • 8 Mount Eden Road Auckland, Auckland, 1023 New Zealand (map)

How often do you receive touch just how you like it? How confident are you that you’re touching your partner just how they like it? 

Contrary to what many of us learn via media and schoolyard tutelage, amazing touch and amazing romance isn’t about performing a 5-step to-do list. It’s about connecting with each other for real. When you’re genuinely tuned-in to each other, touch becomes phenomenal.

It’s all about communication, really. Verbal + non-verbal.

Sometimes communication is avoided cos it can feel awkward, etc. This practical workshop is about learning + practicing ways to communicate that feel easy and breezy. You’ll learn to tune-in to yourself and your partner and give & receive touch in a way that feels genuinely greaaat. We’ll also figure out how to effortlessly flow with a partner through touch. Which is key for fun + fffwoar romance.

This workshop is Tantra-inspired and PG-rated, btw. You could bring your grandma and it wouldn’t be too awkward.

Anyway, what you’ll do in the workshop:

1. Connect with your genuine desire
This is a How to Have Good Sex 101. Wait, make that How to Have a Good Life 101. We connect with our genuine desire: do we really want X? Y? Z? We learn tools to easily say yes to the stuff we want and no to the stuff we don’t want. Then we practice in pairs. (No physical touch in this one, just vocal communication)

2. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want
We learn a few different communication tools to receive touch exactly how we like it. And to give it real good! We connect with a simple desire we have (e.g. I’d love a hand massage), pair up and practice our comms tools. (This one involves simple touching, between elbow and hand)

3. Effortless flow and fun
Once we’ve become masters at giving and receiving touch, we can flow with each other. We pair up and do a simple exercise where we learn to lead, follow and then flow with each other. Non-verbal, energetic communication. (This one involves touching, hands only)

In my experience, these exercises have grown my confidence, ease and pleasure-horizons. You’ll leave feeling both relaxed and energised! 

So you know, this workshop is appropriate for singles, couples and people of all orientations. It's super casual and not scary—it's PG-rated of course! The class is fully clothed and not seedy. This workshop relates to sexuality, but it involves non-sexual, uncomplicated and beautiful interaction.

—How much is it & how to book?

$15 early bird (before 13 April), $20 regular price. Book via Eventbrite:

Limited places, so get in!

—Who’s facilitating?

Me, Caitlyn (SexyLove Project)

I'm experienced in Tantra and incorporate lots of things in my work with sexuality and embodiment: meditation, dance, drama, mindfulness therapy. I found Tantra a few years ago and loooove what it's unlocked for me—aliveness, authenticity, body love, pleasure. So now I'm sharing it with you! 

You can read more about me on the SexyLove FB page. Like the page and sign up to the newsletter for intel on mindfulness & sexuality.

I'm experienced in Tantra and incorporate elements of meditation, dance, drama, mindfulness therapy into my work. I love what it's unlocked for me—aliveness, authenticity, body love, pleasure. So I’m sharing it with you! Sign up to the SexyLove Project newsletter for more:

Are you keen for the workshop, but thinking, "hmm, yeh, but, mmmm, I’m not sure? " Try this:


Will it be fun? 
Definitely. Playfulness & not taking things too seriously are key. This is Tantra after all: it's about pleasure and nourishment, authentically.

Will it be weird? 
Anything that's different can seem weird at first. It may be an unusual experience, but it'll be expansive. Possibly challenging, but that means that you grow and become more you!

Do I have to do stuff? Or just listen to you talk? 
A little bit of listening, mostly doing. It's experiential—this allows you to learn things & make shifts with your mind, emotions and spirit. Powerful stuff.

Do I have to let people touch my butthole/similar? 
No. This workshop relates to sexuality, but it’s involves non-sexual, uncomplicated & beautiful interaction. Also, you don’t have to do anything, ever—you’re fully in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time.

Is it for single people and people with partners? 
It's suitable for everyone. For people with partners, this workshop can transform your relationship. It’s unlikely your partner would feel threatened, etc. Check in with them though!

Do I have to have a partner and bring them? 
No and no (unless they wanna come! )

I have a penis/vagina/something in between. Can I attend? 
Yes. All welcome.


Who else will be there? 
Me. Your friends, and cool people you haven’t met yet. Bring a friend if you’re nervous!

Get in touch if you have any other questions.

It’d be wonderful to have you there, so do come along!