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Caitlyn Cook presents The Art of Zen Spanking w Jesse Thomas Hall

  • Pulse 1 Pitt Street Brunswick, VIC, 3056 Australia (map)


Spanking can be a path of liberation and empowerment… It can be about healing, playing, expanding and feeling really alive.

Spanking offers a way to expand your range of pleasure and sensation. Trust. Surrender. Authentic communication. Empowerment. Possibility. In a really fun and safe way.

These delicious things not only have incredible effects in your sex-life, but also play out in all sorts of positive ways in your life outside the bedroom.

The Zen Art of Spanking bridges Kink and Tantra. It's all the pleasure of spanking, with elements of mindfulness, breathwork and deep connection to amplify pleasure. 

What will we cover in the workshop?

This hands-on, gender-inclusive workshop explores ways of touching and spanking in mindful, delicious ways. The intention is to create an awakening of energy in the base of the receiver and allow it to flow through the body.

To move and amplify the pleasure and energy, we'll explore breathwork and tools to tap into life energy. 

Often in Kink, the person receiving the spank is submitting to the person facilitating the spank. Flipping the 'usual' Top/Bottom roles, spankers in this workshop are in service to the spankee. The spankee is completely in charge (with enthusiastic consent from both partners). There are incredible gifts to glean here: trust, generosity, surrender, devotion and pleasure...

Creating a foundation of trust and freedom to totally let go, consent and communication are key to the whole workshop.

Green, orange and red zones (no-go spanking areas) are covered in depth at the start of the process to ensure all participants have a rollicking good time. 

Partners swap roles, so everyone has an opportunity to experience being the pleasure, gifts and power of the spanker and the spankee.

We cover information on aftercare and there's lots of group discussion, debriefing and question time.

This workshop is perfect for beginners, or people who have been playing with the art of spanking for years. 

What you'll get out of this workshop

  • Learn how to spank in ways that are super pleasurable, mindful and safe
  • Discover breath practices to move energy and bring new depths to pleasure
  • Begin to heal and deepen your confidence, trust, generosity, ability to surrender, be in devotion, receive pleasure
  • Discover how impact play can be a path of awakening and becoming more you
  • Explore new dynamics and possibilities in your relationships and life
  • Learn communication skills to create safe, pleasurable erotic experiences (and a good life, generally!)
  • Fun and joy!

About the facilitator

Jesse Thomas Hall, lives in Byron and has been following a path of Inner Alchemy for the past seven years, using the tools of Meditation, Martial Arts, Chi Gong, Sexual Alchemy, Energetic Healing and Self-Transformation. 

"I know my journey of self-discovery is by no means complete, but I relish the opportunity to help others discover the depths of forces available to each of us, and assisting in the opening of the treasures that lie within."

How much and how to book?

Early bird is $80 until 3 May (limited tickets available). Regular tickets are $120.


Will it be fun?

Definitely. Playfulness & having a laugh is key. This is the Zen Art of Spanking after all: it's about pleasure and nourishment, authentically.

Will it be weird?

Anything that's different can seem weird at first. It may be an unusual experience for you, but it'll be expansive. Possibly challenging, but that means that you grow and become more you!

Do I have to do stuff? Or just listen to Jesse talk?

You have free choice at all times. All exercises are 100% voluntary and you can choose to sit and watch if that is what feels best for you. The workshop will be a little bit of listening to theory, but mostly doing. It's experiential—this allows you to learn things & make shifts with your mind, emotions and spirit. Powerful stuff.

How intimate is this workshop?

This workshop has a sexual aspect to it, but the experience of impact play, surrender, holding space, communication and breathwork is so much more than 'sexual' gratification. It's life-gratification.   

Will people be nude?

Clothing is optional during the spanking part of the workshop. However, you can keep your undies or pants on if you prefer. You have free choice at all times.

Do I need to bring a partner? Can I just spank myself?

This workshop is suitable for couples and single folks. 

Bring a partner or friend if you feel you'll be more comfortable with someone familiar. Sometimes it can be easier to connect with someone you know, but it is not mandatory you bring someone. In an ideal world, you'd work with someone familiar to you—a partner, lover or friend with whom you have a good connection. 

Folks who come alone can pair up with other awesome folks who are also alone at the workshop. That's really fun too.

For people with partners, this workshop can transform your relationship. 

Can I just spank myself?

Technically, you can spank yourself. However, that's not the structure we will be working with at this workshop. 

All genders- and queer-friendly?


Who else will be there?

Jesse and Caitlyn. Your friends, and folks you haven’t met yet. Bring a friend or partner if you’re nervous!

Any other questions?

Get in touch with Lilli, the wonderful organiser!

What others have said about this workshop: 

"Yes, you heard right, ‘Zen Spanking’. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Always prone to loving domination and anything remotely ‘out of the box’, I was intrigued … being the lucky woman that I am, I got to experience it first hand (pardon the pun) and it’s safe to say, I’m officially a convert." - Juliet Allen, Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Coach, and Columnist. 

See articles about Jesse's work in Men's Health Magazine, Refinery29 and the Byron Bay Echo Daily.

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