Hi, I'm Caitlyn.

I’m a Tantra-inspired facilitator, coach, writer, and speaker.  

I help you bring mindfulness to sexuality.

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Experience more ease, confidence, and playfulness. 

In your own skin. 
Between the sheets. 
With the world around you.

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Your sexuality is central to you: Self-love. Curiosity. Confidence. Spontaneity. Self-expression. Boundaries. Physical, emotional, & mental health. Creativity. Surrender. Power. Connection. Spirituality. Freedom.

Take your self-love, romance and relationships to the next level.

It’s so much more than just being good at ‘sex’. It's about being your truest, most confident, connected, and pleasurable you.

Through Tantra-inspired workshopsprivate sessions, and resources, I help you expand, relax, and more fully enjoy your bedroom adventures.

I learnt lots of really useful things at Caitlyn’s workshop. Things that’ll be helpful with lovers and friends and family. At first, I was nervous about coming—I thought we might be ‘put on the spot’. But the vibe was really awesome. Chilled out, practical, fun, down to earth.
— Anna, Consultant, Melbourne