Big news + 3 lessons on following your heart, even when it's terrifying

Recently, my world turned upside down. I met someone suuuper special and my reality has been thrown into a new relief… Questioning everything I think I know is 'true' or 'likely', I’ve started to realise anything is possible. That the grandest joy and love is really possible—in relationships, career, life. This upside-down, inside-out stuff has also meant that I’m moving countries and going full time with my own projects to be with the man I love. I’ve been abjectly terrified of change, the unknown… And yet, making decisions based on fear, staying stuck, doesn’t appeal. After speaking to mentors, doing iboga twice, asking the cards, asking business advisors, querying entrepreneurs and artists, asking MYSELF — I wrote a blog post the lessons I gathered in taking a deep breath and leaping off the edge to follow my heart. Surrendering to the mystery. About the divine support we (YOU!) have, always, always, always.

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How to master your BIG emotions through shamanic sexuality

One of the many suppressed, denied and judged emotions is anger (and its cousin rage). Many of us lack mastery in knowing what to do with this emotion when it arises inside us. We judge rage, deny it, or accidentally blow up. What if rage isn’t ‘bad’, but we just need masterful connection with it? Mastery is how we respond, not a state where we don't feel emotions at all.

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Tired of doingdoingdoing & trying super hard? Listen to this! (Tara is your new bestie)

Even after wonderful holidays and the best new years intentions, it's so easy to get hooked back into the treadmill of doing. Proving. Stacking that thing on that other thing on that other thing.

I have my practices. I talk to Spirit. I do my best to let go. And I listen to Tara Brach's podcast. These are my top four faves that have saved me when I've need it most!

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