Caitlyn profile

Hi, I'm Caitlyn.

I’m a Tantra-inspired facilitator, writer, and coach. I help bring mindfulness to sexuality.

I offer workshops, private sessions, and resources to bring ease, confidence and spice into your connections with yourself and others! Yum.

What's Tantra & mindful sexuality?

It's about connecting with yourself and others in a way that feels delicious, nourishing and spicy.

It sounds like I’m describing a green curry, but I’m actually describing powerful self-love, greaaat sex, deep connection, resilient mental and emotional health, vibrant mojo, radical embodiment, confidence, play, ease.

It includes sexuality, but it's more than just 'sex'—it's about being your truest, most confident, and pleasurable you.

Yes, please. 

More about me

I love cheese, cats, and warm breezes.

I'm based in Melbourne. I also facilitate Tantra, mindfulness and sexuality workshops around Australia and in New Zealand (that's where I'm from!).

I’ve been exploring Tantra, mindfulness and sexuality for five years and it’s amazing stuff — it has helped release me from low sexual confidence, shame, fear, depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. It’s opened me up to INCREDIBLE pleasure, connection and ease. With myself. With lovers. With friends. With existence.

This stuff is so cool and that’s why I'm sharing it with you.

Read about my story in this NEXT Magazine article by Sarah Lang

Listen to my story in this podcast:

I'm a graduate of the International School of Temple Arts and incorporate lots of things from my experience into this embodiment work. Things like meditation, dance, drama, psychodrama, mindfulness therapy, contact improv.

Experience the magic and power of Tantra, mindfulness and sexuality for yourself: come along to workshops, sign up to the blog, like my FB page, etc., etc. and bring juicy vibrance into your body, life and relationships!

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